Bigg Boss 4 : Bigg Boss punished Veena Malik

‘Bigg Boss 4′ on Colors is proving to be quite an awesome one with every person in the house indulging in anything wrong is instantly punished with strict instructions from Bigg Boss that makes the person punished bound to follow the rules.

Thus the person to be punished this time was none other than Veena Malik who was punished by Bigg Boss as she had danced on the dining table with her shoes on. Thus Veena has been punished and will have to have all her meals sitting on the ground and not at the dining table.

‘Bigg Boss 4′ is getting to its climax now with almost every relationship between the inmates at stake. The last episode had the love birds Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik almost heading for a Splitsvilla due to certain scenes which were aired by Bigg Boss in the house monitor which only shows what Bigg Boss wants the inmates to see.

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