Veena Malik evicted from Bigg Boss 4

Veena Malik whose real name is Zahida Malik  is a Pakistani actress, model and comedian.Finally the Pakistan glam gal veena malik evicted from Big Boss 4.Veena Malik has been kicked out of the popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan on Friday night told Veena that she will have to bid final good bye to the Bigg Boss house.

In the recent episode, Bigg Boss punished the Pakistani actress after she danced on the dining table with her shoes on. Bigg Boss ordered Veena to eat her meals sitting on the ground and not at the dining table.

Veena’s affection for Ashmit surfaced during their task this Diwali, where night cameras caught her fondling and caressing him, as he fell asleep. Despite their arguments, the couple had immense understanding for each other

Now that Veena is out, everyone expects Ashmit to be cornered by the unruly Dolly Bindra, who seems to be calculatingly waiting for another chance to pounce on him.

7 Responses to “Veena Malik evicted from Bigg Boss 4”

  1. Really sad to see comment written on big boss website which says ” Veena Malik has been KICKED out of the popular Indian tv reality show Big Boss” Do you think a word like KICKED should be used for your guests??? Irrespective from which country we belong to but we need to respect and specially big boss should keep some respect of his own guests.

  2. yes it is rite

  3. I do agree with above,but what can we do.Indian can’t ever think like us.If you(Indian) were not interested in Veena, then what was the reason to invite her in your show? Just wanted to see people that we invited a girl and a guy belong to Pakistan…

    Just shame on you.think positive.

  4. I too was very dissapointed to read the word ”kicked” used for Veena Malik and not for any other contestant who has been evicted. Why the parciality Bigg Boss?

  5. No,when did I say tht? pls respond as this is the first time im visiting ur site.

  6. hi i’m also a Pakistani.. and i think the word KICKED out isn’t Irrespective sa long its used for Veena!! to say to her a Muslim will insult our Religion!! she is cheeper than a hore.. and she proved it by her self wehn she says that “mujhe daad deni chahiye k main kitne logun se flirt kar sakti hun and yahan tak k maine big boss ki waza tak se flirt kar liya”
    Are Laanat hai tuj par 1000 bar!! sharm ati hai yeh soch kar k tum ek Pakistani ho.. dub maro chullu bhar pani main shame on u Veena shame on u… she has miss presented our coutry and our religion… and not only she also the so called begum…

    I’m sorry PPL but i cant stop my self..

  7. man, i hated her!!!its good that she got kicked out!!!

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