Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari, Sameer Soni nominated

The Bigg Boss 4 reality show on Colors is nearing its fag end with just a week left to go and only top 5 inmates left in the house.

This week it has been quite evident that which inmate has the grit and the determination to go for the ultimate title and which one has become quite stressed due to the inbuilt pressures within the house.

The nominations this week have been quite dramatic with Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari and Sameer Soni’s name topping the list and thereby making the entire week a crucial one for every inmate ,whether nominated or not.

As this week had the festive occasion right on Bigg Boss had cheered up the inmates with foam sprinkling and light decorations that made for quite some banter in the house.

7 Responses to “Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari, Sameer Soni nominated”

  1. kinck samir “the jamadaar” out…hes gone insane

  2. It seems that again the the show is scripted . This is impudence to say that any one between shweta or samir will be evicted . But I really like Samir or shweta on this show . If they will be evicted then it will prove there are no real show above the TRP . Dolly bendra who is vulnerable but still in the show even after changed version Due to BIG BOSS .The “great ” Khally who is not great at all — just get the pampering from big boss and when put in real situation then we waere able to see the real khally . These two are scripted prawn by BIGG BOSS . If they have done wrong — Nothing matters .As samir has done the right thing during Dolly’s intentional fight with every one specially Shweta for only gaining TRP Then BIG BOSS humilated samir in each instance .If khally done the wrong things then it was just a deaf ear for BIG BOSS . WE DONT LIKE DOLLY BINDRA OR SO CALLED KHALLY . Please evict them asap.

  3. I got nothing much to say but yes

    the best and genuine guy in big boss is sameer soni,
    Ashmit the psycho
    Doli bindra is Ill mannered
    KHALI is such a stupid that i dont have word to explain

    Anchal was very pretty & sweet,
    Veena malik was Drama Queen

  4. why are you not showing the dolly bindra’s video clip ? she is also provoke. she is cunning lady so is not coming on front . all the time she likes to see the fighting in the house . is she is lady or “Dyan”

  5. Dolly Bindra ji..
    what a u doing??
    thhori to sharam karo
    aur plz kuchh to Shweta ji se sikhne ki kosis karo ….

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  7. Dear Big Boss… This is not fair. Sameer Soni is the very good contenst. we all are send the maximum sms to samir soni. so How can he out the big boss house. I think this the partial show.

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