Last eviction process to be carried out in Bigg Boss 4

The last eviction process to be carried out in the show when one contestant out of the three nominated housemates will move out of the show and winner will be declared next week out of the four final contestants.

The three nominated contestants are Sameer Soni, Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra, any one of them will have to leave the house today.

Sameer Soni and Shweta Tiwari have equal chances of staying back in the house as they both are adored by audience. However, Dolly Bindra has the maximum chances of being thrown out of the show because of her cribbing and rude nature.

At present there are five contestants in the house, they are- Great Khali, Shweta Tiwari, Dolly Bindra, Ashmit Patel and Sameer Soni.

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  1. Pata Nahi…BB shayad Dolly ko bacha lein…unki one of the favourite contestants !! Uske wajah se hi toh BB chal raha hai !!! Yeh mera nahin …bahut sare ulluo ka khyal hai !!

    Khalli bhi unke Fav….contestants mein hai !!!

    That yeda…has been eating Peda of BB thoughout!!!

  2. i want dolly bindra 2 be evicted as i think she does not deserve to be bigboss, as bigboss means the ultimate boss of both good as well as tough time. she cant handle pressure as wel as cant control her emotions; she is ugly in her behavior; so i strongly feel that she should be evicted; again i feel sameer,shweta and ashmit should be the top three as their order is 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i hope i will be hope 2 find out dolly bindra out of the house….All the best sameer n shweta

  3. Please samir do not get effected by dolly and khali and take the advice from ashmit and shewtha and be confident and strong enough to fight for justice and win the bigg boss season 4

  4. hey hey guys just watched the latest eviction of big boss 4 , sameer soni has been evicted .Yes the finalists of this season are Ashmit Patel, Shweta Tiwary, The Great Khali and the all time favourite Dolly Bindra

  5. Sameer,easily the best person has been evicted, Shame

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