Bigg Boss 4 : Dolly Bindra and Khali had a verbal WWE

Big Boss has asked for an candidate for eviction tomorrow. Ashmit Patel has a typical flight response. He offers to to quit. Shweta Tiwari asks him to reconsider. Tomorrow will be a tough day.

Dolly Bindra and The Great Khali had a verbal WWE. Both overweight’s are fighting over the weight. Dolly has been inciting Khali for few days. Today, they got into an argument. Dolly calls him lazy. Khali calls her overweight. Dolly tells Khali that he must be great in his house.

House mates have been playing safe for past 2 or so days. Big Boss has really shaken them up. Will there be a consensus between the member on who will be evicted tomorrow?

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