Bigg Boss 4 winner to be revealed in grand finale

The winner of reality show Bigg Boss season 4 will be announced on Sunday, 9th Jan 2011 in grand finale. The winner will be finalised from 4 final contests of the show whose having tough competition.

The four final contests are Shweta Tiwari aka Kasuati’s Prerna ,Veena’s favourite Ashmit Patel, wild cat Dolly Bindra and hefty Great Khali.

Ashmit Patel : After romancing Sarah Khan, he soon had sexy Pakistani actress Veena Malik in his arms. After Sarah got married, Ashmit who always had an eye for Veena Malik easily got her by his side. All in all the actor looked the hero of BIGG BOSS house. With two out of half a dozen girls falling for him, Ashmit who had been entangled in a sex video symbol seems all set to be a big star when he comes out of the house.

Khali: There are gentle giants and then there is Khali, the boring, lazy giant. The man would rather go thirsty than get himself a glass of water to drink. His strange accent and the fact that he does nothing to liven up the environment makes one wonder how he has lasted so long.

Shweta Tiwari : Shweta Tiwari is another actress who has gained much acclaim among the audiences. Almost going down the Shilpa Shetty way when Dolly Bindra (we will come to that) blasted her away with her creatively placed abuses and insults on her, Shweta soon found a plethora of sympathizing fans voting her all the way to the final.

Dolly Bindra: This lady can put a sailor to shame when it comes to swearing. She is arguably the most entertaining housemate around. Whether it is calling Veena Malik a “hotel” for men or pouncing on Shweta Tiwari, Dolly is the only person who has remained friends with wrestler Khali! But latest promos show her attacking Khali.

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  1. hey ashmit hi jitega ash all the best & keep it up u should be a already winner

  2. khali

  3. errrrrrr dnt fink so ashmit is a stupid idiot khalis ok but shwetas da besttttt!! n she won so hahahahaha

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