All the prize money is for my daughter : Shweta Tiwari

TV actor Shweta Tiwari, who won the reality show, Bigg Boss, says there was a lot that she learned during her days in the Bigg Boss house. “I felt independent; I learned to cook new dishes, and made some good friends.” Ask her to name them, and she elaborates, “Samir (Soni), Seema (Parihar) and Manoj (Tiwari) are my friends for life.” Reacting to allegations that Manoj rigged her win by buying lakhs of votes, she says, “If I have won because of him, I say thank you to him.”

The actor, who walked away with Rs.1 crore as prize money, says that she’ll spend it all on her nine-year-old daughter, Palak. “Ek maa kya kar sakti hai itne paiso ka? (what can a mother do with all that money?) Everything that I earn is for Palak. I missed her immensely all the 96 days I was in the house,” she says.

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  1. i want to join big boos 5

  2. I would like to say that Shweta has played fantastic role in Big Boss & she is really deserve for winner. I would also request to MR.Salman Khan my friend continue this Big Boss in future in more better way that we can enjoy & learn our values.
    Amit Sharma

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