Miss Pakistan World Annie Rupani supports Veena Malik

Miss Pakistan World Annie Rupani came out in support of Pakistani actress Veena Malik who is under fire from the Muslim clergy in her country for getting too close with Indian actor Ashmit Patel during her participation in Bigg Boss-4 in India. Slamming Mufti Abdul Qawi who said in a TV interview Friday that the actor has “insulted Pakistan and Islam” by her behaviour, the Houston-based Miss Pakistan World said the mullahs have no right to pass judgment on Veena Malik.

“I fully support Veena Malik for standing up for her beliefs and values. Though unfortunate, Veena Malik’s lashing out may be the only way to Annie Rupanimake her voice heard. Women are constantly being suppressed under the name of Islam, when in reality, Islam promotes the equality of men and women,” Annie Rupani said.

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