I don’t require cheap publicity : Sara Khan

When Sara Khan entered the ” Bigg Boss” house little did the viewers know that she would dominate every TV conversation. No she didn’t use foul language to grab the eyeballs .

But marrying Ali Merchant, the guy she dated for close to three years, on the small screen and calling it quits within two months of their marriage, was too much for viewers to digest. So while everyone was busy calling it a publicity stunt, Sara knew there was much to life than listening to others.

Sara Khan has responded for those, who called her marriage a publicity stunt. She said that she does not require cheap publicity to become popular. Even before Bigg Boss, Sara has appeared in a few TV shows, which has brought her under the limelight.

she said that she has moved on and does not want to look back again. She is deeply hurt by his betrayal but she believes in the adage that all that happens is for good. Sara added that she loved him unconditionally but he showed his true face after marriage and broke my trust.


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