Bigg Boss : Kamaal Rashid Khan wants to make a movie on Aarushi Talwar case

Actor-cum-producer, Kamaal Rashid Khan has expressed his wish to make a movie on the Noida double-murder of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj in May 2008 KRK, who gained popularity with the 2008 Hindi movie, Deshdrohi followed by a stint at Big Boss 3 is back again in the news with plans to film the Arushi murder case that’s gained national media coverage. “If everything goes well, the shoot will begin by March, we were originally thinking of starting the shoot in February. Plans are underway to rope in actors from Delhi. We will be coming to Noida and Delhi soon,” Kamal Rashid Khan announced.
Kamaal Rashid Khan wishes to take the movie to international film festivals and portray the case of Aarushi touchingly to melt everyone’s heart. “My film is based completely on the CBI’s closure report. Trust me, people, including Aarushi’s parents, will have moist eyes after watching my film. Aarushi’s parents will thank me for making this movie. They will say I have done a great job,” says KRK.

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