Ekta Kapoor casts Samir Soni in her serial

They have been best friends for a long time. In all the parties that TV doyenne Ekta Kapoor hosted, jewellery designer and former actor, Neelam Kothari would be the first to be invited. But this time, Kapoor has apparently gone a step ahead and roped in Neelam’s hubby, actor Samir Soni as the hero of one of her television serials, thus giving a fresh lease of life to his acting career.

It was Kapoor, who started the trend of introducing new faces instead of working with established stars in soaps. “She has decided to change her strategy and make a TV serial, which will have Samir in the lead.He’ll be playing a lawyer in the series which is loosely based on a popular international soap,” According to source.

Samir has always been Kapoor’s friend, but she never considered him for a TV serial. Not even when Samir made news as a winner ofBigg Boss. But things changed after Samir’s marriage to Neelam.

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