Ashmit Patel return to TV as a mentor-host of the show, Superstud

Ashmit Patel’s recent antics on Bigg Boss 4 with housemate and rumoured flame Veena Mallik earned him various tags. One of them, according to him, is that of a ‘playboy’. Cashing in on it, Patel will now return to the tube as a mentor-host of the show, Superstud — The School Of Flirt. “Every week, I will train the 13 selected contestants in the art of charming a lady, based on what I’ve learnt from my personal experiences with (pauses)… various women,” says Patel.

All the men, who applied to be part of the show, were made to speed date six women, who rated them and narrowed the number down to the final 13. This lot will compete to emerge as the ‘superstud’ and win a trip for two to Las Vegas.

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