Kamal Rashid Khan offers 2 crore to Mallika Sherawat

A fan recently congratulated Mallika Sherawat on a networking website for the success of her item number “Jalebi Bai”.

The actress was quick to respond with a ” Thank you” and all would have been well if only Kamaal Rashid Khan hadn’t interrupted.

The former “Bigg Boss” contestant wasted no time in offering Mallika a role in his upcoming film. His offer was that if she agreed, she would be paid `2 crore and that if the film failed to become a super hit, he would in turn pay her `5 crore as compensation. The actress hasn’t bothered to reply to the offer yet, but her fans were quick to repudiate Khan and his claims.

Kamaal also went as far as saying that he needed an actor who could play a good boyfriend on screen and an actress who had three boyfriends. He then suggest that John Abraham and Mallika Sherawat would be perfect for the role of the on-screen couple that he wants.

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