Kamal Rashid Khan furious on getting Balti Award

The awards show was a “spoof” called the ‘Balti’ award. This award was given to Kamal R Khan, just to poke fun in the awards show. However, this didn’t go down well with the actor. When KRK’s name was announced for a ‘TV award’, he sat stiff with a poker face.

Buzz is that during the event some actors were given spoof awards just for fun. When the anchors Ali Asgar and Sunil Menon announced ‘Balti Award’ for Life Time Achievement to KRK, the actor sat perplexed on hearing his name. When KRK did not come on the stage to receive the award both the hosts went to KRK’s seat to hand him the award. The actor furiously asked the hosts, “Kisliye mujhe Balti award de rahe ho?” When Ali replied that this award is for his contribution to entertainment and he deserves it, KRK retorted that this award should be given to TV actor while I am a movie star. Eye witness said that KRK threw the award on the floor and walked right out of the function.

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