Bigg Boss 5 | With whom Shakti Kapoor can make a team in Bigg Boss’s House?

Bigg Boss 5 |  With whom Shakti Kapoor can make a team in Bigg Boss’s House?

Pooja Bedi

She is a hot, but she is also the daughter of Kabir Bedi, after all.  Shakti has done few films with Kabir and surely will not want to do bad with the Pooja, so he can safely team with her.

Juhi Parmar

She obviously loves soap operas, considering she earned her fame acting in them. Wethinks Shakti loves drama too, considering there is so much of it in his life. Common ground.

Mahek Chahal

She is sexy and a good friend of host Salman Khan. Befriending the host’s friend is a good way to stay on the show.

Vida Samadzai

She is a woman who is brave enough to wear a bikini and get banned by her home country Afghanistan. Which man wouldn’t love to be with someone like her?

Nihita Biswas

Obviously, she loves bad boys. She did marry serial killer Charles Sobhraj after all. And Shakti Kapoor has perfected the bad boy image like no other B-towner. They will be a perfect match

Shraddha Sharma

She shot to fame by claiming that her then boyfriend Raja Chaudhary had beaten her. Shakti does well with controversies too, so they should get along well.

VJ Pooja Missra

This girl loves to dance and we know that Shakti loves to groove too. Remember his moves in the Raja Babu song? Well, Shakti would definitely want to do an item number with Pooja at some point!

Shonali Nagrani

She is cute and can be quite the charmer. It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine Shakti enjoying this smart girl’s company!

Mandeep Bevli

She has already been dubbed as rude and talkative by Pooja Bedi and Shonali Nagrani. She is a huge gossipmonger too so Shakti would love to keep her in his good books, won’t he?

Gulabo Sapera

The Rajasthani folk dancer is the only woman his age! So if all the younger chicks don’t pay him any attention then he could turn to this gaon ki chori who is also a women’s rights activist!

Sonika Kaliraman

She is six months pregnant and it would be really weird to see Shakti woo her. So let’s hope for his own good that he doesn’t fall for this wrestler.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Shakti could turn to Laxmi and bond with her if all the women start giving him a hard time in the Bigg Boss house.

Raageshwari Loomba

Shakti has tried his hand at different aspects of filmmaking, but the one thing he hasn’t done so far is sing. He could bond with Raageshwari as she teaches him how to showcase those vocal chords.

17 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 | With whom Shakti Kapoor can make a team in Bigg Boss’s House?”

  1. i want watch bigboss on line

  2. i want to ask please dont eliminate mehak chahal becuse she is nice one ,

    i am from Yokohama japan

  3. i want to ask please dont eliminate mehak chahal becuse she is nice one ,
    thats a request please vote for mehak chahal please please please

  4. plz break the group of pooja bedi
    she is not playing alone
    She is manipulater,she is targeting only pooja mishra

  5. pooka bedi is dust in house

  6. I have been watching Big boss from the first day of the show I am very much concerned about pooja Mirsa she left alone in the house I strongly recommend Pooja Bedi should be through out of the house she is the one making group in the house take the case of today i.e. 20.10.2011 show when lakshmi have a fight with sonali pooja bedi inter fear and try to console lakshmi because sonali in her group this is really a bad taste for the viewers BIG BOSS should notice this.

  7. pooja bedi u r to bakwas player

  8. puja bedi is over smart. try to handle the situation to show,the others how can she pass on her own views to others. so she can not become victim. shonali is bin painde ka lota. amar and puja mishra become a bali ka bakra. shakti kapoor try to avoid the controversy so that others can not talk about him. mahek is very straight forward. whatever in his mind she can speak. but uuuuuf !! siddarth he is a big fool . he has no characters. it’s look like he come from chawl . shradhha and vida wants secure themselves. and yes mandy is neutral.

  9. i think common man have better than this quality. becoz they know whatever they do , for their family and society. but what about this celebrities !!!!!!!!!! do you think they have the quality of life ? the money is not everything !!

  10. There will be only one,who wins this show.Sooner or later, Puja Bedi’s group will also break down.They cannot stop that.But before that, either Puja misra or Amar or Mahek has to go from the house.And there will be only Puja Bedi,Mandeep,Siddhartha and may be Rageshwori with whom Shakti kapoor can make the group.

  11. amar did,nt show any kind of talent, so he and shonali most deserving personalities for eviction

  12. pooja bedi jis din nominate hoee,wo uska last week ho ga,aap dekh lena,rite now she is losing her fame for her bad tactics

  13. puja bedi and juhi think that they r the only one whom audians look to. but they really r so down to audians by their act. Siddharth is being over smart but he is just a joker.

  14. Pooja Bedi u r the best I Love U

  15. sanjay is hosting at his best buddy don`t neglet baba anyhow if salman joins then its double watt anyhow rageshwari quit off from home now the game starts off now can everybody know whom playing poltics my vote is for vida she is somehow showing true 2 all in house no vote for shradda cos she liyed thaT SHE DIDN`T NOMINATED POOJA MISHRA 2nd week eleminate nominations juhi & pooja bedi i hope won`t play poltics its only mandip my best wishes she is the most netural girl in home now 2day pooja mishara is noteded as negative aspects its becos of sonali nagrani made her to be negative person in house cos on 1 day she elected pooja mishra name for suite case presence from that day trouble started i will to see mehak wake up dance lot if she quits off i will miss good beginning of the program

  16. yah kya zulim kya raga ko nikal dya aub big boss per satta khaelna band karro, nahi to big boss satta boss ho jay ga,

  17. rageshwari was the best ever contestent of bigg boss shows,she was quite positive and natuaral,but hard luck,she can,t get enough votes.lov u rag

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