Bigg Boss 5 : Shakti loves being in limelight

The world has never been kind to villain/funnyman Shakti Kapoor, and it was the same when he was announced as the first contestant on “Bigg Boss 5.” Witihn seconds, the net exploded.

But no matter where the public and the hosts’ support lies, the support Shakti can be assured of is that of wife Shivangi Kapoor. “I’m not affected by what people say about Shakti. If he is the only male member in “Bigg Boss”, that’s because viewers want to see that. They are curious to know how he will react to weird situations. I’m happy for all the female inmates – 13 deviyaan to take care of my husband, wash his clothes and cook for him, isn’t that interesting? I don’t want him to get bored. He is the Kishan Kanhaiya in the house,” Shivangi told in an Interview

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