Bigg Boss: why Housemates still against Pooja Misrra?

This week nomination for  eliminations is Pooja Misrra and Nihita Biswas .

Pooja Misrra got eight votes against her and is still disappointed because of the same. She tried to clear misunderstandings with other housemates and participated in daily tasks to please them. However, nothing is working for her.

12 Responses to “Bigg Boss: why Housemates still against Pooja Misrra?”

  1. Bigg Boss is BEST

  2. I think pooja has to go from the bigg boss house

  3. Yes, i agree that Pooja Mishra should go from BIGG BOSS as she is the most arrogant person in the house…..

  4. instead of Nihita, Pooja Mishra should go this week…. So what she is Nepali, she is more deserving than Pooja…. I am INDIAN but in Pooja and Nihita i’ll support NIHITA…..

  5. East ,o, west bigg boss is the BEST

  6. Lage Raho Kanhaiya (Sakti ji) Gopiyo sang

  7. Bigg Boss 5 is amaizing

  8. why should pooja go , even nihita should not have left. pooja bedi, laxmi, mahek , shakti, shraddha are big time losers, manipulative. dese ppl shd be out

  9. The problem with Puja Mishra is she is not very open,frank and friendly. She is pretty much inner-self kind of person.And she has a very wrong thought that people are pulling her down, they are manipulating and so so.She is really missing that sense of humor that other people have.She needs to come out from this inner-self and be more open, talkative and friendly.Unless these qualities, she deserves to be out than Gulabo.

  10. ek ke birudh 9 log, aisha lag raha hai ki arjun ke samne kaurau ki sena , pooja mishra ye karm yudh hai , ye dharm yudh hai, arjun ki bhanti kewal machchali ki ankhe dekho,

  11. poja is good inside her self but ant one cn’t understand her

  12. Misra is a good person but very temperamental,n not most of the time but all the time, all are provoking her n troubling her with rude remarks,surprisingly she faces them may be angrily n violently,but that has to happen as all are on one side.I feel it is Pooja Bedi who hates her from inception n has take the whole gang on her side.In-fact she or Juhi should be out for their wickedness.,God save the king,Amen.

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