Biggboss Season 5 Eviction : No eviction this friday

No one going to leave Biggboss’s house this Friday, Eviction will happen tomorrow only.

This week Pooja Misrra  and Nihita Biswas has been nominated for eviction, usually eviction happens on Friday only but this time eviction will be on Saturday.

36 Responses to “Biggboss Season 5 Eviction : No eviction this friday”

  1. Pooja Bedi Dubale Face hai & Planing kai sath khail rahi hai

  2. Mahek Your dance is rok…………..

  3. Now Mehak chahel is more comfortable in Big Boss House. Good luck mehak


  5. jab mandeep ek bird se dari thi..tat was most funny i have ever seen in my life…:-) MEHAK is my favorite ,nice human being……….;-) mikku

  6. yes best of luck Mehak……bt B B 5 so boringgggggggggggg wd out boys nthng !

  7. It is very irritating to see Sanjay Dutt as a host especially after Big B n Salman Khan.Please eliminate him. We want to see Salman Khan as the only host.

  8. I think Pooja Misrra Bigg Boss ke ghar me sab ke sath nahi reh pa rahi hai,so she should leave.Pooja bedi is khel ko jitne ke liya double face hai.Till now i felt Mehek playing nicely.

  9. Mahek ur so sweet ur dance make every one rock on the floor all the best i want to u win this show

  10. Sonali one of my favourite contestant……..she should win bigboss so good luck sonali

  11. At last you have some really charismatic and eagerly awaited person in the house. Amar Upadhyay. My family and freinds were refusing to watch earlier but since yesterday i cannot drag anyone from the screen when amar upadhyay is focussed on big boss house. pls shwo more of him


  13. Sanjay Dutt is just boring us .Plz change him.
    and one of my suggestion is “there should be young charming “UNMARRIED” Handsome guy instead of Amar Upadhyay.That would create much more drama than entry of Amar will make.”

  14. Agar koi youn kunwara ladka Big Boss me entry krta to jaroor ladkiya uski or attract hoti aur vo bhi Unmarried hone k karan unki traf attract hota jisase ladkiyo me apas me controversy aur jealousy hone ki ek full masala create kr deta darshako k liye.But Amar ka ye hai ki vo married h aur Do baccho ka baap hai. to vo maja ni aa payega.
    Big Boss consider kriyega mera concept it will certainly help your TRP

  15. pooja mishra called laxmi as hijravati. pooja attacked everyone indirectly veru rudly. so, pooja mishra should get out from big boss house

  16. i think we have to support pooja missra as she is feeling alone in the house and all the housemates are against her.i hate pooja bedi who start this situation.every person feel irritate who is alone in that type of house man. shit for pooja bedi and mahek chahel man

  17. pooja mishra himmat mat harna hum hain na/shakti kapoor nice and honest person

  18. I seen all episode and now decided that pooja mishra should be out from big boss house because she is the only single character getting max votes from the other’s housemates. she is very rudely and angry lady.

    and vote to gulabo sapera because she is very jhujharu lady from rajasthan. and she was faced lot’s of problems in her life.

  19. I think Puja Mishra is not bad. Only since Puja bedi has more influence on other contestant she is using it against puja mishra. Everybody can see how mahek always indirectly pin pooja mishra by saying “sensitive stomach, jalne walo ko aur jalao” etc etc. In reaction only Pooja mishra told that she told that she might have sensitive stomach but she has no manipulation tumor in her brain which was misintold to gulaboji by sakti kapoor and mahak.And always Puja bedi, sakti, mahak and laxmi talk rubbish things about Pooja mishra on the TV screen like “Ek machli talab ko ganda kar deti he” etc etc so i will support Pooja Mishra and would like her to stay till the end as finalist. And i request you all to support her.

  20. Everybody vote for POOJA MISHRA please

  21. puja misra underpresure nahi hai….under presure baki gharbale hai………..

  22. pooja misra is a vry right kind of prsn.c is not fake lyk pooja vedi n grp who trying to dominating her.ofcours a prsn wl b rude if mny prsn atack.last year doly was sowing off only to get votes,but pooja m is right n not arguing unnecesarily

  23. Bigboss’s house is filled with mentally ill people.

  24. I like pooja bedi, i love pooja bedi,my all vote for pooja bedi.

  25. yaha 2 log highlight pe hai, pooja mishra n pooja bedi, sab pooja bedi ke khilaf hai to mughe gussa aata hai. o jitne k liye jo ku6 kar-rahi hai o uska khubi hai, aur log kiu aisa nahi kar rahe hai? fir pooja mishra kya-kya tamasha karti hai? kiu ak-dusre ke saath adjust nahi ho parahi hai? uska jyada ghamand hai, sab se jhagadti hai.

  26. Puja missra is very self concerned person.She has got very psychotic wrong thoughts towards other.If she becomes open, positive and take part in conversation, she will become one of the positive people like we can see among puja bedi,rageshwori,shalini,juhi,mahek and vida.These people are not making group, actually, theier conversation,belief and thoughts match each other.That’s why, they are very close.See,how today puja missra broke the mop stick and she nearly hit shalini.She is going ‘mad’ guys!

  27. Pooja mishra you r rock so i must send you to mental asylum ,Your sweet home…….

  28. pooja mishra should be asked to leave…she scares everyone….and is a bad influence on everyone…

  29. what i saw today scared the hell out of me…i used to think that shell adjust one day,but shes psycho,she attacks personally,she lies,she uses bad words,she is a racist,shes got negativity….n the whole world is watch…we dont want to see negativity,fights and craziness…..plz ask her to leave…

  30. Salam SalmaN jee…!!!
    humaRi ApPp se Request haI k ApPp kA FaRmaaN friday night kO kareN Or saturday Night kO Aakhri salam karEn… plzzz jesa pehlae hOta tha…….. Kindly…… (*_*)

  31. Guys,I told u, Puja Misrra, is, totally, turned out to be ‘mad’.She is a ‘pshycho’.She is not supressive by others,she ‘thinks’ that she is supressive whereas others haven’t done a single thing wrong.No one is making group in the house,whoever think this,they are,actually,not capable of adjusting themselves in group.The audience,who have supported Puja Misra,they are absolutely and absolutely wrong.Come on,guys,keep your brain open!Where is Gulabo?Does she exist in the house or what? And shakti kapoor,he is becoming very silent now though I have thought him as a very resolving kind of person.

  32. pooja u r brillent one in entire house ,we r enjoying this show bcoz of u , my all vote 4 u


  34. pooja thnks coz of your , m cing Bigg boss, ur entertaing us…u add mirch masala, glamor, bitchiness nd all. good garry on..

  35. Pooja Missra is the heart of Bigg Boss 5.. TRP is going to go to ZERO if, God Forbid, She goes out !!! BIG BOSS SAVE POOJA MISSRA FOR THE SAKE OF MILLION TRILLION GAZILLION PEOPLE !! THANKS

  36. pooja mishra best of luck v all love u lot,big boss please help her & amar too.

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