Bigg Boss 5 : fight between Amar Upadhyay and Juhi Parmar

Amar and Mandeep Belvi decide to lobby for votes to be nominated as the captain for the coming week. While pointing out why he is the better option, Amar makes an unsavoury comment that does not go down well with Juhi.

A big fight ensues which results in a yelling match between Juhi and Amar. The other contestants intervene and push the duo in two separate directions.

After a lot of justification and name-calling, a frazzled Juhi breaks down and refuses to eat. Seeing this, Amar apologises to Juhi and she reluctantly accepts.

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  1. Amar shouldn’t have apologies. He is a MARD. He has been sent in the house to handle notorious people like Shakti, Bedi, Mahek and others.

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