Bigg Boss 5 : KRK supporting Pooja Missra?

The film-maker Kamaal R Khan aka KRK , in fact, had lots to say about one of the participants Pooja Mishra.

He wrote: “”Pooja Mishra is doing her best to become famous and she has done it. She knows very well what to do in Bigg Boss.”” He further added: “”Pooja Mishra is in Mumbai for so many years to become actress. Now she can not become actress anymore but she can become famous. Her age gone in struggle.

2 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 : KRK supporting Pooja Missra?”

  1. Dolly Bindra & Pooja Misra are accptable but KRK was never.Becau
    se KRK was looking like a street pick pocketer and was playing a very dirty game.His acts were very unnatural.
    KRK a film maker a paanwala please do confirm that.

  2. u r right my dear he is a film maker a chaiwala also

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