Bigg Boss 5 : Pooja Misrra lost her temper on Shonali Nagrani in Bigg Boss

Pooja Mishra in Bigg Boss 5 continues to garner support from the audiences in spite of her short tempered nature and indifferent attitude.

Kicking a dustbin and breaking kitchen stuff, the alienated Pooja Misrra lost her temper on Shonali Nagrani in Bigg Boss this week. When Shonali provoked her further, asking, if she would “hit” her, Pooja hinted, she could get physical, if Shonali didn’t behave herself.

“Get off my back,” an irritated Pooja screamed in rage; her blood boiling with anger. What people saw in a trailer of the reality show, was a visibly furious Pooja, who has been cornered by most contestants on the show right from the beginning.

All her attempts to make peace with the Housemates have more or less backfired, with them playing games and politics with the troubled soul.

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  1. puja mishra has some equation with bigg boss, otherwise despite smoking in the house,hardly speaking in Hindi, she is absolutely Scott free, no punishment. Less said the better about her arrogant and snob demenour.

  2. Hello!

    I seen todays epsiode and it seems Pooja mishra is really trying her best to be cordial and friends with fello housemates. I feel that fellow housemates are playing games against her from day one! Also, I feel that she is popular and and she is one of the strong contestant in the house. I feel others are playing games!!

    She is strong and doesn’t cry like others on the show to get sympathy votes. I really feel that everybody is playing games!

    I feel pooja mishra should stay little longer in this show.


  3. hello,
    it’s very bad manners pooja mishra this is wrong

  4. Saw the episode where Pooja Missra goes bersek and shows her class by breaking stuff and speaking in English with an accent (by the way where did she pick that awful accent and where is it from?) – truly disgusting. She is proving to be Dolly Bindra’s mausi. Absoutely no class. No wonder she is still struggling – no TV shows, no movies. God only knows how she manages her expenses in an expensive city like Mumbai. I am sure she has some secret source of income (maybe she is a night hawk) …

  5. Pooja Mishra is defintly getting favours from BIG BOSS and she also understands this, thats why she keep on playing mind games, one day she behaves like mad and another day she is normal – interesting thing is whatever she do, she gets away with everything.
    No punishment for Pooja – she can behave like mads, yel in English like a goat, create nuisance and break stuff at home.
    I strongly feels that BOG BOSS badly wants Pooja Mishra to be in home purely for TRP.
    so i can only say Good luck to mates as regardless of voting, she will keep getting favours and defintly stay in home for long as this show is for TRP not for social awareness or social service.

  6. i absolutely do not agree with the behaviour of other members towards pooja mishra. i do not see any mistake of her in the show

  7. pooja mishra shud stay in da show she is awesum.other members hv nt ud attitude towardz her specially pooja bedi and mehak.zuma frm pakistan

  8. Sonali should go. she is really encash her title NAGRANI. she is like a Nagin. “Bin painde ka lota” hai. and even Mehak and Lakshmi. Chalti gadi me chadhna, . this is the reality of their behaviour of welknown personality. I think middle class family is much much better than them. In(biggboss house) their behavior they look like they live in some slum area. i think they should live with common people. atleast they can learn from them morality and humanity. they are just pretending we are doing work for people. but i think they should improve themselves. just pretending that we are from well to do family, but all this thing is wrong those who do not have humanity.

  9. Well i do not agree that its entirely Pooja Mishra’s fault..i just feel she is voicing out her problems loud because no one is there to listen to her…a person is obvious to feel this way if he/she is alienated from the rest …and the others shopuld try to remember that right now their world n family is the one they have in bigg boss…so every one has the right to know how they are feeling…and Pooja Bedi should also try and understand that..

  10. I think Pooja Misra is unwell in this show,so she should leave.

  11. Guys, before commenting like fools think of how the show would be without Pooja M? It would be very boring to watch people like Raghesvari, Vida, Shradha, Pooja Bedi, Nagrani artificially trying to be nice to each other and doing nothing funny the whole day. This show is not for that. Housemates are supposed to unleash the animal within them and engage in fights, verbal abuses, politics and there by entertain the audience. That’s what Pooja M. is doing. I think she is to be in house for very very long time. Shraddha, Raaga, Vida, Mandeep Bevdi (sorry Bevli) etc. will be eliminated in early stages. Finally, its all about TRPs and entertaining people you morons!

  12. misra ji will win as big boss will earn carors of rs by her footage… so obviously they have to give at least 1 percent of that to her.

  13. mithi 6uri sonali is so fake.she must be eliminated this week.

  14. shonali bht bht bht buri hai Is ko ghar se bahir nikalo…..

  15. pooja bedi the schemer

  16. I think you guys should sit back and think . Right from day 1 pooja mishra has been instigated , provoked by pooja bedi.
    Pooja bedi is one of those smart but hopelessly cunning people who will go to any extent.

    I hope puja mishra wins the show

  17. she is one of da strong contestent,so she must be stay.

  18. I think Pooja Misra I hope wins theis show

  19. For TRP and entertaining people,violence,dirty politics and verbal abuse are not acceptable in any show.Despite of that,it takes place by itself.I know,it creates curiosity towards the show as well.That’s fine.But, the negativity needs to be expelled sooner or later.Otherwise, the ‘negative’ will win and ‘positive’ will loose.And that’s not fair.

  20. good luck pooja mishra we are with you……. thanks for nominating pooja bedi!!!!!!!!! keep smiling sonali its realy nice to hear……

  21. i am agree with abrar saleem, i think pooja misra is right and shakti kapoor making fool to other participant and iwish will be poja mishra or vida samadzai

  22. nahi lagta ke ye sab log humare stars hein

  23. sanjay Dutt Itna FAzoOl haI… ye hOsting Achi naI karTa..
    saLmaN Acha kaRta tha hOsT.. BiGG BosS DekhNe ka MaZa B Aata Tha…. plzz Salman you cOme BaCk Quickly..!!

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