Bigg Boss 5 : Gulabo Sapera is out from Bigg Boss Season 5

Gulabo Sapera is out from Bigg Boss’s House. She was one of the housemates of Bigg Boss season 5.

This week two people were nominated for eviction Gulabo Sapera and Pooja Misrra.

6 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 : Gulabo Sapera is out from Bigg Boss Season 5”

  1. the game is full cheap and making people fool is ths reality show spoiling our kids and full of bad words,cheap language abusive,etc..

  2. By the way, Gulabo’s existence was completely invisible in the house.She didn’t speak a single word when so many arguments were going on in the house.On the other side,miss puja was giving ‘Jhatka’,but she was also giving ‘Tadka’ on the show.Like I already said,a villain must have to stay till end of the movie.Otherwise, the show will not be interesting.She was saved. by who? by big boss or audience? or by both?Anway, there are other villains born in the house alongwith puja misra.Such as;Amar, Shradda,little bit of Mahek,may be Luxmi sooner or later and sometimes Shaktiji.But Shaktiji is playing very cleverly and with ‘balance’.The “Mahabharat” is still on guys.Let’s see who will win!The show will go more and more interesting on coming days for sure.

  3. awesome , i think every one playing game with poja mishra , big boss should let them play fair game, and should show them video that what they are doing…..

  4. I dont understand one thing – Who in this world might have voted for Pooja Mishra? This show is fake…… atleast the sms to save the housemate part is…….

  5. i think the eviction of Gulaboji is not justified. i dont know why the other contestants nominated her to get out of house. she should be given more time to adjust to BB environment. it is really unfair. according to me Pooja Bedi and Pooja Mishra should be nominated and one of them should be evicted. i feel that Amar Upadhay dont deserve to be BB contestant

  6. It is meaningless to watch such an unethical programme,such programmes should not be telecasted which is spoiling our Indian culture. It a game of some foolish peoples who want to waste their time just for pleasure. Government should take immediate steps to stop such type of vulgar programmes.

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