Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shonali Nagrani , Juhi Parmar , Amar Upadhyay, Pooja Misrra , Raageshwari and Mahek Chahal

Housemates of Bigg Boss Season 5 to nominate Shonali Nagrani , Juhi Parmar and Amar Upadhyay for Eviction of Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss bombed the grenade on Pooja Misrra for her bad behaviour and damaging house property and also nominated Raageshwari for failing in the assigned task.

Mandeep Bevli nominated Mahek Chahal for third week’s eviction using Captain’s authority.

So now battle for eviction is between Shonali Nagrani , Juhi Parmar , Amar Upadhyay, Pooja Misrra , Raageshwari and Mahek Chahal

66 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shonali Nagrani , Juhi Parmar , Amar Upadhyay, Pooja Misrra , Raageshwari and Mahek Chahal”

  1. pooja bedi is deplomatic,

  2. bigg boss 5 win by mehak

  3. pooja bedi ko ghar se bahar kar daina chahiye

  4. i’m from Afghanistan i hate Vida Samadzai among whole the housemate,Shonali really she is sweet girl. best of luck SHONALI

  5. Raageshwari is a genuine contestant.please vote for her.

  6. Shonali really she is sweet girl. best of luck SHONALI,
    please vote for her..

  7. raageshwiri u r so sweet,v all r with u.

  8. Now, Mahek is turning ‘mad’ like Puja misra. Save her you idiot people. she is your another entertaining character.Is that right?At least, this can be seen,but luxmi,oh my god!she is completely an invisible killer.

  9. You are my favorite Juhi.. All the best

  10. i don;t lick pooja bedi

  11. Firt of all this Bigg Boss season anchor ( Sanjay Dutt ) is very poor. There is no masala till now its very quite. contestant are boring pooja bedi & Shonali Nagrani both are worst they should go out immediately and add someone like Dolly Bindra

  12. siddarth is luser.

  13. juhi ghar me logo ka baren wos kar rahi hai !


  15. Pooja Bedi is such a manipulator, she is always trying to defame everyone who’s not with her. even in between tasks she creates nuisance. While
    Shakti and Mandeep always discussing nomination , Why can’t big boss punish them.?
    because they are big names?

  16. hummmmmmmmm u right saddique sanjay dut is a borring person salman khan hotey to zada betteer hota

  17. siddarth dokhebaj hai

  18. sid ki haqiqat samnae aa gaye hai

  19. can not digest the eviction of Rageshwari……….
    she is who spread the positive wives even to audiance..
    Now, I am going to quit to watch Big boss 5……….
    even lots of my friends also going to stop to watch ………

  20. dear big boss kya aap ko zyada tar loser hi miltay hain show k liye,ab aik oar tv person saigol ko lay aaye ho,pehle km thay tv artist show mai kya,koi known personality ko bhejo yar

  21. Its a great show. it will be better if some body would have from North East..specially 4m Assam.Its a dream for me…. If I will be a percipient…

  22. Pooja Bedi ab aaya unt pahad kay niechy ab baqe ka darama ghar my jaky karna mayra matlab hay ghar my bath k dakhna ise week may aap ko ghar say bahar nikal ta hnu apny hazarun votes kay sath good bay <>

  23. Pooja Bedi ko bahar bahar bahar bahar bahar bahar bahar bahar ka rasta dikhao.

  24. Mahek Chahal: aap boht bak bak karty hny aap hamasha sy ays hny ya biggboss mny aa kay kuch khas ha

  25. Pooja Mishra look very Gorgeous pooja mishra is very hot pooja misra is very bold.brave.andvery straight forward gir well i support u

  26. Shakti Kapoor ; boss bohat badi film ho

  27. Shraddha Sharma ; open yu face dusron ky mamly mein bolna thek nahi magar thek kia hai ghalat kia hai ye to bol sakten yain

  28. bigg boss please please please please Raggeswari ko wapis ley ayien inka character dunya k liye aik misaal hai aise logon se humey kuch sikhney ko mil skta hai baqi sb to larne ki liye hi ayein hain

  29. Reggeswari ko wapis an chahey please bigg boss think about this

  30. pooja mishra is mental she is inferior needs make up all the time to get attention she shows her flesh as much as she can very cheap

  31. Shraddha Sharma it doesn,t matter u calling Pooja Bedi Aunty she has grown up children it wont make a differnce to her but what about u baby r u still in craddle more than Pooja u look AUNTY can u do the same thing with Pooja co-stars AAMIR KHAN SALMAN KHAN AND SANJAY DUTT in front of them u behave sooooooo innocent all people r watching u

  32. Pleaseeee Poja Bedi Aunty ko ghar se bahar nikalo, She is the one who manipulates and doing groupism and posoining everyone

  33. Pooja bedi stop bossing around the house , otherwise soon ll be out of big boss house

  34. Biggboss plz pagal kutti like pooja misra and shraddha sharma jaise contestant ko palna bandh karo….nikalo bahar dono ko…pooja misra to psycho hai, totally pagal aur Shraddha jabse nominate hui hain tabse kutto jaise bhokte rehte hain…

  35. I wnt 2 C pooja mishra out of d house soon. D bold bt dirty grl!!!!!!!!

  36. Vida Samadzai gis kisi ko hag karty hay vo pooja misra ka dushman kyun ho ja ta hay

  37. winer iz shonali

  38. mehak chahal nahi mehak chawal hai ye

  39. mehak chahal bohat fasadi hai har kisi k mamlay mein ghsste hai

  40. mehak chahal go go go go go go

  41. mika singh ko bhejo luxmi k liye

  42. puja bedi followed by p mishra, juhi, vida, mahek,shradha,n shakti should be evicted. this season winner is among mandep, shonali and may be sky! rit now my fav house mate is mandep and shonali.

  43. ham bigg boss k mashkoor hain k ap ne mehak chahal jese chand show main utra jes se poora ghar rooshan ho giya ese hi daty rho mehak gee

  44. vidha ne early morning mehak se mashwara kiya oar 1 unsure baat ko lay kr mishra pe chadne lagi oar mishra ne bohat politely explain ki koshish ki,mgr vidha greedy kisi explaination ko except krne ko tayyar na hoi,vida khud ko perfect smajhti hai,but wo bitch hai,mishra ko use krti hai,oar ghr wale bhi buddho bn jate hain,vida jhoti hai fake hai

  45. Siddharth is more like a women, a gossiper
    pooja bedi is worst than dolly bindra and mahek is a “wanna be” while mandy is the best out of all.

  46. Juhi aur pooja bedi(aunty) aag mey ghee dalte hai.kick pooja bedi out of the house if not she will make every 1 crazy

    hey big boss wats happenin between veda and amar???????????????????????/

  47. vida is showing that she is most mannared person,but she is fake fake fake

  48. I think the best people in Big Boss-5, are Pooja Bedi, Mekhak, and Laxmi . The worst ones are Pooja mishra the biggest fighter cock (No character of her own, does not know how to behave, she should be out ). Shardha who tries to be innocent but she is not (Bad natured person).she should be out. she does not know how to respect her elders.

  49. pooja bedi is really fair and adorable and shardha verbally attacked on her’s personal matters and arose questions about her personal life…she is rude,tawdry girl…….but after watching B.B 5 i m included pooja’s fan list she is lovely woman.


  51. Vidha is very greedy for men…..use ladkiyon ke sath humesha hi problem hogi..Mahek is very manupulating and jhagralu kind of..Shonali is meethi chhuri and Pooja Bedi sabki mummy hain and Juhi unki chamchi or unka group me sari kaamwali hain Mahek jo bahut sachi hain but real me unhe aag laganewala kaha jayega…

  52. shradda is a big lier, down market girl.mahek chahal rocks

  53. To many it may appear Pooja mishra acts like “scrapper”, ready to pick fights before the previous has come to an end. on contrary, from the day she has stepped inside the house, she is taunted, hated, and targeted. When rest of the flatmates got their luggage, she had to survive without it, for a week. Too many had ganged-up to nominate her every week. Persistently annoyed and denial to use kitchen, she vented her frustration on a broom. After this, unanimous decision to expel her from the house, left her isolated even more. Her mistake not to differentiate her waist-band was made an issue, clearly shows the prejudices against her. Agreed that miss Mishra goes through aggressive phases and little off-track, but one thing is obvious the other flatmates misunderstand her and revile about her, on purpose. And i think Mishra is a very good human at heart.

  54. I think pooja mishra needs to be booted out. She is annoying and a psycho. She is full of shit. As for srada she has a gob on her. She needs to think before shooting her mouth off. She needs to be out.

  55. juhi bye k ghar me logo ka baren wos kar rahi haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai.

  56. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi ; g to aap sherni hni aap say ayk saval tha aapki mom jangal gaye thne ya shaer kud chal kar ghar aya tha.

  57. Pooja Mishras u r The One I Totally Respec u r Bigg Boss 5 win

  58. go vida go
    go vida go
    go vida go
    liar,oversmart,greedy for men

  59. asif .. mughe lagta hai tum khud frustrated ho. cool ho jao fir comment karna

  60. pooja bedi genuine hai aur sabse pehle shrddha sharma ko bahar nikalo. usni kitna bad behave kiya pooja ke saath. she is not deserve to big boss place. cheap

  61. Sharda is strong word user that indicate she can win the

  62. I think Pooja Misra is most honest and genuine person in bigg boss house She don’t leave like the people leave in that house in the small world. She thinks big . The way she leave her own way.

    We are in not in India but from london me and my friend want her to win the bigg boss .pooja misra some time frustrated cause bigg boss house people push her to be wrong so i think she is genuine or she is one person who can be winner and another thing is laxmi also honest person in bigg boss house so either puja or Laxmi.

  63. sky think he is very smart but he looks like foolish person ………….he is very dramatical or playing person in this house.

  64. yar kya sb log pooja mishra k peeche pare hoay hain,vida k sath fight mai bhi us ne apne aap ko pehle cool rkha but vida ne ilzam lga lga kr us ko majboor kia k wo ne bhi us pe fazool hamla kia Q k pooja aasan target hai mgr wo cool rahi,gud pooja mishra oar plz request hai k mishra ko save kro

  65. i like bigg boss 4 not like 5 becaz in this show every one is fake

  66. mahek is the worst person in the house
    pooja bedi is fake
    shonali is best
    sid is cool
    shraddha is bomb
    amar pooja r waste

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