Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Mahek Chahal,Shradha Sharma,Shakti Kapoor and Pooja Bedi

Housemates of Bigg Boss Season 5 to nominate Shradha Sharma,Shakti Kapoor and Pooja Bedi for Eviction of Bigg Boss House.

Shonali Nagrani nominated Mahek Chahal for  eviction using Captain’s authority.

So now battle for eviction is between  Mahek Chahal,Shradha Sharma,Shakti Kapoor and Pooja Bedi

20 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Mahek Chahal,Shradha Sharma,Shakti Kapoor and Pooja Bedi”

  1. pooja bedi vote mat karna kayoki jab khud nominate hue to asliyat sabke samne aa gaye jhagda karne lage!

  2. I think you should show more on TV. because sometime it is really difficult to say after watching half of the truth. this game is like bull fighting Show in Spain. i think biggboss is enjoying and satisfy by his hearts. he feels proud that ” see i can do any thing with this celebrities ” he should have join in political party. he can use his “chaqraviews”.

  3. We thought Shrada ki mumaye juban hi nahi hai…. but jab say Nomination kya huwa shrada ki tho hal chal badal gaya hai…… Its really interesting. Tho log aisay bi hothay hai? Mahek your a good player acha huwa ki mahek nay Shrada ko provoke kiya warna we don’t know what is her real face…….

  4. Big Boss is very unfair with Ragashwari. Firstly Big Boss given her some nearly impossible task to do then then given her a very strict punishment and then evicted her unnecessarily. She is the most jovial person in Big Boss season 5. Bigg Boss does not take any action against ppl who use abusive languaged, do vulgarity like Pooja Mishra in swimming pool.

  5. Sanjay Dutt is the worst host of Bigg Boss has ever has even worse than Shilpa Shetty pls remove Sanjay Dutt and bring someone lesser known who can at least host better than him

  6. this is pooja bedi who was saying at the time of pooja mishra nomination that their must be something wrong in her personality, when most of the house mate were voting against pooja mishra ” negative energy aa rahi thi, ab jab ki maximum vote uske against gaye hai tab unka kua kahna hai , jabki pooja mishra ke against voting tab hui thi jab ghar ke log unko theek se jante bhi nahi the,…
    pooja bedi ke against voting unko theek se jane ke baad ki gai hai, it makes the difference, between two a lot .

  7. I hate mehak chahal. wo jalti pay tail ka kaam kerti hay. jahan larai hoi wahan aaker doron ki burain kerti hay. kaafi chalak hay.

  8. pooja bedi dusrai ko pagal samajhte hai

  9. I really don’t except this behaviour of shradha ….she is is really acting damn arrogant and does’nt have at all manner to speak to elders in the house…she is just trying to fight with al the members in the house and shakti kapoor is completely acting likea moron…by supporting him…I really hope she is nominated and gets out of bigboss as soon as possible…because she does’nt deserve to stay in this house…at al!!!!!!

  10. Pooja bedi & Mahek -They are two schemist in house who always want to instigate people for their own benefit.Mahek is very clever …and talking with everyone and also bitching with everyone.SHe thinks that by just dancing at early morning tunes she can make fans…Who the hell in this world would like to dance straighaway after waking up….This is all fake.Pooja gets a taste of her own medicine and I would love to see her patience running out.She is big schemist.

  11. siddarth is a very fuddu type guy saala khud ko bahut smart samjahta hai saala fuddu hai woh ek number ka…….
    i like pooja missra she is very genuine and i love u pooja u r d best in the house i m with u go ahead pooja

  12. Pleeaaaaseee Puja Bedi Aunty ko bahar nikalo

  13. Pooja bedi is she the boss of the house she is try to dominate and make lobby of her own , please vote her out she is a problem for the house .

  14. mehak ko biggboss say nikalo

  15. Pooja Bedi behvious is quite restrained and graceful. Who is Shradha….dont know what to talk and how to behave…she is fully faltoo kind of female.

    big boss is staged show. person like rageshwari get evicted and person like shradha and pooja mishra remains in the home. it means that indian like to see ill mannered and menally sick people like pooja mishra, shradha and shakti kapoor.

  16. Mahek inseqore fil kar rai hai! Tab hi to edhar ki udhar karte phir rahi hai

  17. Meena
    WE think Shardha has shown her true colours and is very very CHEAP the way she talks to all the inmates specially Pooja Bedi who is very nice and sweet Mahek is playing very well even Lakshmi is good Pooja Mishra is a horrible person she and shradha should be out of the house for being so so sick

  18. One thing is cleared……Sharada ko jo bolo woi repeat karti hai hamesha aap sab ne zaroor realize kia hoga,….Usne Juhi,PB,Mahek,Laxmi,P Misraa and Shonali(Little Bit)and Vida sab se badi battamezi se ladai ki hai,.She does’t have any respect for Human Beings,..I think Sharada is leaving this week.

  19. sharda bilkul thik keh rahi hai mahek bedi jab se nominations hue hain kisi ko taget kar ke badnam karna chahti hain puja bedi ko apne bachon ka kyal karna chahie wo zuroor sharminda ho rahe hon ge sharda ne ab tak kisi ko faltu main kuchh nahi kaha jab kisi sedhe admi ko koi tang kare to wo wohi karta hai jo sharda kar rahi hai lekin jo mahek aor puja bedi kar rahi hain wo sirf intahai chalaak aortein hi kar sakti hain

  20. I think Shrada is good in her way because wo hamisha sach ke taraf hai , i am one of the viewers of Biggboss season 5 living in afghanistan i really like this show, i just wanna say that Shrada is good because jab bhi yeh 3 chorail aik sath ho jate hai to dosro ko apni samne kam karni ki koshesh karte hai leken aaj jab onja takar kesi Sachi housemate ke sath huwa hai to uskee zuban nekalni kee bath ho rahi hai, poja bedi ko to sharam ana chahiye ki apni 3 friends main se aik ko nominate kar deya leken biggboss is inteligent os friend ko jo es ne nominate keya wo safe hogaya and became the captain so poja bedi ko abhi risk hai ke mere 3 friends main se aik ja choka hai aur aik ko main ne khod nominate keya hai so dear poja bedi je your out this time, about poja meshra i would like to say she is very nice because wo ghar main bohat achi tarah se rahti hai aur sab ko apna dost banana chahti hai leken amar aur sedat bohat bat tameezi se pesh aye hai , although i am from afghanistan i don’t want to say anything about the star from my country Vida Samadzai, i just want to say good luck poja meshra and Shrada

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