Bigg Boss 5 : Raj Thackeray has demanded apology for the insult to the Maharashtrian surname

Amar Upadhyay was unable to complete a task assigned by ‘Bigg Boss’ on the reality show,Shakti and Siddharth named Amar ‘P. K. Lele’, with Shakti claiming that it was the name of a character he had played in one of his films starring Sanjay Dutt.

Since it is a Maharashtrain surname the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena head Raj Thackeray is mighty upset with the Bigg Boss inmates.

Raj Thackeray said in an interview, “Kapoor and Bhardwaj should apologise to the Marathi-speaking population for the insult. Just because Lele is a Maharashtrian surname, does it mean all servants are Maharashtrians?

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  1. In INDIA there are different people of different cultures which we came across them in big boss.In this way we came to see many people performing different acts which the audience have seen. But,in them the most important are the two things,first is that as big boss said that people in the house of big boss should talk in Hindi and it’s not happening sometimes and the second thing is that the house of big boss is not clean in this matter all of them should co-operate who lives in the house of big boss.In season-4 there were many fights but they used to keep the house neat and clean.In INDIA different people who came in big boss learnt many things but there no proper cleanliness in the house. The place in which there is no cleanliness there is nothing .so i request big boss to concentrate on this topic and tell the housemates to keep the house clean. in this way the position of big boss will be increased. when season6 will start i would definetily like to be one of the contestant of the house.

    studying in class 10th,
    Hyderabad Sainik School,

  2. Are ye kya ho gaya, MANDEEP to nominate ho gaya. Mandeep’s response after nomination, “Koi baat nahi kano mujhe nominate mujhe koi fark nahi padta hai, MAIN TO AISA HI HOON”.

    Bechaara bimaar hai, HoshiyaarChand ban riya tha………

    Kaamchor kahin ka, muft ki rotiyaan sek raha hai MANDEEP….

  3. In big boss sky and siddhart were behaving very badly with all of the housemates.they dosent deserve to be in bogboss house.right know had already had broken the rules.first sid should be punished and sky also gave sopport to sid by this we can say that sky doesn’t deserve to be the captain of the house………as we know that and already you too told that the one who breaks the rules…………sky is supporting sid in making quareels…..fault was of both sid and mehak but sid was the first who broke the rule but sky did’nt punished sid but he announced jail to mehak… and sid are contaminating atmonsphere of the house bigboss.they are misbehaving with housemates and using the vulgar language……they do not have any right to tell any thing about anyone or force any of the housemate to fight………they are ruining the show…….it’s looking as if the robbers or the thief’s had taken entry in bigboss’s house.So sid and sky should be eliminated from the show or should be punished for breaking the rules.

  4. in big boss today’s episode when the first vote of amar was given to mehak and again it was changed and he told that my vote goes to pooja misra and secondly sky in behaving very badly with women’s he don’t have any right to tell about someone’s past or future and he also said that mehak that she needs money to change her face and many more and after then he is again changing his commitment by saying that he didn;t said those things at all so i requst bisboss that once he should repeat that tape and show him the truth………….so that everyone can see what he is and and he should be given a strict warning for what he did…………

  5. BIG Boss,
    I request you wit folded hands pl pl evict SKY from the House.Why you show so much of footage of him continiously? It does not entertain viewrs at all. In fact he is the most irritating person i have ever seen.Pl give equal oppertunity to other members of the house.We are unable to judge others and vote.Pl spare me from Akash,the biggest looser, HOOR HOOR.

  6. Hii,
    Sid & Mehak Rock.They are being targeted by bigg boss inmates from time to time.I think Mehak has emerged really victorious of so much negativity,meanness,humiliations done to her.Sid entertains us, but sometimes he gets influenced by people & puts his energy in the wrong path.I think he is improving & will surprise us furthermore.

  7. Evict Sky from the house to maintain peace, harmony and make the show as the prestigeous one. Bigboss is losing its prestigeous image by sending a group of junk and filty people in the house. No more a family show..

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