Bigg Boss 5 : My eviction was planned : Shakti Kapoor

Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor feels that his eviction from controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ was planned as he did not live up to his on-screen image of a bad guy while on the show.

“People have a wrong notion that I am a bad guy. Bigg Boss people got me in the house with 13 females because they thought I will sneak into girls room at night and do something fishy. But I respect women a lot,” the actor told in an interview

“Since I was not getting into anything like this or any fight or controversy, I got evicted. I think there is something planned about my eviction. Everyone in the audience feels there is something wrong. I thought I would win the show and so did the people,” he claimed.

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  1. People who are big time fighters will stay till the end. Good for the TRP of Big Boss.

  2. COMMENT on RAJESH: “People who are big time fighters will stay till the end. Good for the TRP of Big Boss.”

    Only BiggBoss knows who’ll stay till the end, nothing bloody big time fighter-whiter on such reality show.

  3. People like Shakti lives in fool’s paradise. Audience decided to evict Shakti because he failed to entertain them. He was behaving artifically and was always under the fear of elimination. Especially after he was exposed, he stopped talking to people and started behaving like a CHICKEN. Shakti does not have what it takes to win this show. Audiences likes someone who is frank, fearless, upright, aggressive, and someone what can really unleash the animal inside him.

  4. Shakti kapoor, ragheshwari was nominated by Big Boss n evicted later…which is clear that people who are shant..have no place in BIG boss is a mad house n made people r allowed only. When shradha completed her task as rajkumari..big boss said…why she didnt order anyone instead played a game n got others to jail..n was humble princess..arent queen n princess supposed to be humble.? Gimme a break, BB. She did a great job as a princess, she ws soft n she managed to get the luxury budget without creating a hype with anyone or a fight! Or maybe, BIG boss was expectg a fight instead! Hmmm?

  5. sky sid pujabedi juhi sonali…ye sab ko ye show se bahar fek do….sid or sky apne bina bijli ka pavar dikhate hai…..mahek is very good and strong….sid ko sachhi bat batai to bura laga……i like mahek & misra…

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