Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Mandeep Bevli,Amar Upadhyay,Mahek Chahal and Pooja Misrra

Housemates of Bigg Boss Season 5 to nominate Mandeep Bevli,Amar Upadhyay and Mahek Chahal for Eviction of Bigg Boss House.

Shonali Nagrani nominated Pooja Misrra for eviction using Captain’s authority.

So now battle for eviction is between Mahek Chahal,Amar Upadhyay,Mahek Chahal and Pooja Misrra

36 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Mandeep Bevli,Amar Upadhyay,Mahek Chahal and Pooja Misrra”

  1. pooja misra should win the show sky is really a dirt and treat to ladies he should not had argue pooja misra like that a lady deserve respect actually evry ody is in fear that pooja misra is going to win the show

  2. Mahek just got friends with bedi and group not to get nominated , lolz . why does she think that no one can nominate her . every time she is shocked . lolz.acha hua aur aag lagaye dosron ki life ma

  3. Pooja Mishra being targeted by everyone. How could Sky talk like that today? she has every right to express her viewpoint? why was sky was nagging her like her dog? Also Vida you are over the same point on and on? Though she apologized you have no reason other than this to fight with Pooja Mishra .

  4. Most likely Mandeep will be out this week. Reason: No support from bigg boss producers; No massive fan following from Janta; Not able to prove her existence/importance in the house;

  5. Mahek Chahal is Sakuni ki Nani!

  6. poor pooja mishra should win the show as everyone is atacking her out of no reason and calling her mental problem seriously we should not attack personally……..

  7. I think this time big boss should make history for kick out to Sky in this week evict.

    Sky has done very disgusting and unethical argue to a lady (Mehak) and this is not first time…Shame on you Sky..Shame on you..

  8. I m surprised by the selection of Akash in this 5th edition. I m not aware of that idiot before this show but he show himself to be owner. Today’s behaviour of him/her/ or neutral gender as he looks by the lizard type face is not acceptable. Biggboss should throw this uncultured bugger from the show without nomination. Sorry Biggboss u Have failed.

  9. akash (sky) shuold kick out from the house. he just wanted to footage. he is provoking everybody in the house then he is begging for sorry what is this ? he does not have manners to talk. i do not know how;s his family member tolerate him. he is such a nuisance in the bigboss house. why did you take him ? he is like a gali ka kutta

  10. Vida is really very showoff person. she think i am the best in this house. she is very cunning kind of person. she always twisted the words. i do not think she can not understand hindi may be she is pretending. otherwise in afghan people are speaking in hindi too.

  11. Kal jo Sky ne kiya woh galat tha usko aise nahi bolna chiye tha mahek ko. Usko aisa lagta hai ki bigboss ke ghar par sab uske baaren mai hi baatain karte hai. Ghar par woh hi ek hai kya. But jo hua woh galat tha. Sky this is not good.

  12. sky & sid are acting over smart they both r atitude problem an suffering form stress they are not suitable for bigboss seasons 5 they had to be voluntary exit from the house

  13. It’s really shocking to see that Biggboss has select a lower class unethical person,it’s different to play a game with provoking tricks, but it’s very very shameful,disgusting and 3rd class attitude to have a convocation with a Lady. Which kind of language he is using, don’t seems that he is a TV artist.

    Agreed with Dev on :- I think this time big boss should make history for kick out to Sky in this week evict.

  14. Akashdeep should be punished and immediately sent out by Big Boss. Otherwise it will give a wrong message to the Society that you can get away with falsehood by bad-mouthing others and shouting at the top of your voice. He has destroyed the dignity of Indian women. If he is not eliminated from the House, there will be a huge agitation by cultural organisations, shiv sena, ram sena, etc. and women’s organisations.
    Big Boss is earning a bad name by tolerating such persons.

  15. Akashdeep ko bahar fek do yar…..pakka irritating hai…ek number ka iteam hai….ladkiyo se battar zagada karta hai….bahar mila to sale ko aade haath lena padega….

  16. sid,pooja and sky is gud persons when compared to rest of the members in house. mahek is playing tricky game in house by sheding crocodile tears, i hope she will get lost of the house soon , she is the women who does not know how to respect a man, as just she misleading the viewers…!!! shame on her. i hope winner will be sid, pooja, or sky

  17. Aakash has done an unethical thing. I wish Big Boss takes an action against him. Also, I wonder what kind of woman Mandeep is..who is supporting Aakash just for to have some say and be in limelight. I desperately hope to have Mandeep out this time and Aakash in next one!

  18. Aakash has done an unethical thing. He should be nominated and evicted next week. Also, I wonder what kind of woman Mandeep who is supporting Aakash’s act of defaming another woman. Mandeep should be out this week followed by Aakash next week!

  19. dis time wat happen n bigg boss,,,I not feel contestant really wnt 2 win dis show,,controversie ,blaming other,,comment on cheap characters,,,,only trp nothing else” dere iz noone deserve to win dis lovely show,,,nd sky should learn d way of talking wid female,,,lizard type

  20. Sky ko kick out karo……..he can’t play game with standard..he is using cheap tarika to become favorite…but he is looser……totally lower class …….i hate whe he said koi mere bare me is ghar me baat nahi karega…..are khud sabke baare me baat karte ho sabko negative bol sakte ho ……..or jab koi aap ko kuch nahi kah sakta ……

  21. I am sorry Big Boss you let us down . Sky should be out of house mandeep you should be ashamed of your self.

  22. i don’t like this person named sky please kick off this person from house otherwise i am going to stop watching this show and i’ll give my best to stop other people from watching biggboss5

  23. Bigg Boss season 5 pechly tamam seasons say ziyada bakwas hay uski sab say badey wajhy big boss ka badey say badey baat pay khmushe rahna aaur buhat daer say bolna hay

  24. Hi, I am following Big Boss right from season one.I think one hour per day too too less. previously it was one and a half or even sometime two hours. Increase the timing, otherwise you will definitely loose your TRP.
    One suggestion:-
    You can show every day at the end of the programme the position of nominated votes received by the nominated persons either by number,or placing them cronlogically. I think this will make the programme very interesting.
    I am a hardcore Big Boss follower.I need more and more and more footage.

  25. Extremely uncomfortable when we see inmates fighting so much. It is embarrasing.

    Also Sid and Pooja Mishra is taking a dig at Vida and referring to her nationality , this could turn racist, please warn them…

    Also who is this Sky, please shoot him of to the rocket. He feels that he owns the show. For once Big Boss, looks like you have lost control.

    i am a working women, my colleagues are ridiculing me for watching such a low class programme.

  26. Hi, Sid and Sky are sooooooooooooooooooooo cheap. They are much much more gossipy then any girl in the show. They sky for fight all the time.After nomination Sky reacted so cheaply. he tries to look confident but after nomination one can see very clear how insecure he felt.Both guys are so loud, ill mannered, no morality, amar is so much better then anyone of them. please tell them so talk in low volume. They have no respect for any women, i mean any women. They are disgusting.

  27. One more thing, this time Big Boss has to try better contestants, instead big boss tried to collect all the mental, psyche, nonsense,non serious, ill mannered people. Please play some neat game. this is so cheap. I started to watch in interest in the beginning but now even if i miss one episode, it doesn’t matter, because every episode look the same. fight , fight and fight. please show us some good entertainment. dont give us headache, it is getting irritating now.

  28. pooja mishra behaviour very bad she is a very bad

  29. Big Boss mujhe kal k jo nominated person apne jo announce kiya wo fair nahi lage,aapne laxmiji ka naam nominate Q kiya jab ki unko 3 hi vote mile the r kiya to pooja bedi ka bhi karna tha unko bhi to 2 vote mile the r mujhe lagta hai pooja bedi hi jana chahiye tabhi unka group break hoga

  30. If the pooja Misra is psycho then she would not have given tissue papers to Juhi, when she was crying during the nomination time. knowingly others members are trying to pull her.
    Tell Vida not to become over smart. you guest then live like a guest. do not interfere the family life of others. this is India and we believe in Indianism.

  31. This BigBoss is a failure. It also reflects the crime on woman openly by idiots like so called sky (sly) and other two’s. Now they are getting another idiot Agnivesh.
    This Bigboss should improve, or I am going to file a PIL in honorable Supreme Court.

  32. Mehek n laxmi are too master mind they should kick off frm the house.

  33. Pooja missra should win this show n she deserv to win

  34. sky ko aur sid ko lath maaaaaaaar ke nikal na chahiye dono milake zagade lagate hai aur usaka maja leke majak udate hai so they should go out.

  35. mehek is very good human being,wo jo hai wo dikati hai sky ko uske persnal nahi jana nahi tha….aur laxmi ko nominet nahi karna chaiye tha..

  36. are aapko in sab logo se to sky achha he jo kuch kar raha he wo public ke samne kar raha he. dusre logo ki tarah nahi

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