Bigg Boss: why Akashdeep Saigal targets Pooja Misrra?

Akashdeep kept on trying to take up a fight with Pooja Misrra. He even challenged Misrra by saying, “Just wait and watch you will be soon eliminated from Bigg Boss.” However, Misrra didn’t fight back with Akash.

Either she is trying to maintain a low profile on the show now or simply fears of getting in an argument with him.

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  1. this is wrong main bigg boss se kahna chahti hun akashdeep koi hak nai banta kisi ke bare men ase bole wo khud kya hai sab ko pata hai kisi ladki se bat karne ki unko koi tameez a hai big boss ko actio lena chahiye kisi ladki ko yun bezat karna kitna galat hai mahek ne to kuch kaha bhi nai tha ye sabko pata hai or akashdeep jo sky banta fir raha use nai pata womens power kya hai hum sab mahek ke sath hai ………disgusting sky meri bat sky ke kano mein dal di jaye..

  2. Akash n Mandy r very shrewd and tacky people.. Akash have no rights to attack on someone’s character.. this shows how immature and shitty n chessy guy he is who does not know what n how to speak to a women.. on a small issue like a child he is disclosing her private life.. thats her life n she can do what ever she want.. who is he ??????? BIGG BOSS.. please cut such scenes wherein any guy or girl humiliate each other on there character…


  4. pooja mishra is very clean by heart .she is only a straight forward girl luv u baby

  5. Sky is not a big mouth, sorry! Has a big mouth, he does not know how to talk with other, if this in my hand “I WILL THROUGH HIM IN KATCHRE KE UPPAR”

  6. plz bigg boss koi tho action lo us stupid sky ke bare main. bada battamiz kism la person hai wo. auor ghar ka mukia banane ki koshish kar raha hai wo. use koi haq nahi hai is tarah pooja mishra ko torchour karne ki…… uske ghar main bahen ma koi nahi hai kya. third class ladka hai wo………….. aur uske sath wo sid bhi bigad raha hai……… aur jada shana ban raha hai………

  7. Aaksshdeep is a very bad participant in big boss house. he have to move out from the house.

  8. Hi i am beena ! wants to give my views , i live in shanghai and always watch this program ” BiggBoss”
    Amar always play dual game. when he understand that he is safe. then he is fight with pooja misra. and talking so rubbish. is he upadhyay family ? when he said i have 2 children ! what kind of culture he will going to give his children ? i think his mind is becoming corrupt.

    Juhi is trying to become over smart. she thought i will always speak about my sanskar and impose my views to she will get sympathy from others. i would like to say only jushi has her SANSKAR . what about others ? she mean to say others came from lower families ?

  9. oh my god kitna bda gund hai sky,pooja mishra ko use kr raha ghr walo k khilaf,oar wo bhi itni foolish hai k sky ki baton mai aa gayi,phr bhi i must say game jeetna maqsad hai tu sky us k liye sb kch kr skta hai,sky kitna bhi gir skta hai.i was big fan of mishra but ab wo hil gayi hai.

  10. i hate sky but jesa wo sb ko ungli pe nacha raha hai ye hr koi nai kr skta,us ka show mai rehna bnta hai,ho skta hai k sky win kr jaye,but bohat classless bnda hai,usay tu raj neti mai hona chahiye

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