Bigg Boss 5 | Bigg Boss punished Shonali Nagrani

Shonali Nagrani was punished for not following Bigg Boss’ orders. Now, Shonali can never become a captain.

4 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 | Bigg Boss punished Shonali Nagrani”

  1. Shonali does not capable to be a captain, Even Shradha- But shradha have manage the captain position very well . Watching Shonali is waste of time ( No brain Girl )

  2. season 5 bigg boss is purely scripted.watching bigg boss 5 is a waste of is my personal opinion that not to continue bigg boss any more season in future.

  3. i realy dont like any episode of bigg boss season 5.earlier seasons bigg boss was very good.lot of tasks was given in earlier epsodes.not even a single contestant is interesting and all are having ugly look.

  4. SHONALI is a SLUT .. she will do anything for not to be nominated .. get this bitch out of the show .. i HATE HER TO THE CORE ..

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