Bigg Boss 5: Mandeep and Akashdeep feel Mahek Chahal crying to gain sympathy votes?

Mahek Chahal had a fight with Akashdeep, that turned into a nightmare and both started pointing figures at each other’s character. After a heated argunment between the two, Mahek couldn’t take it anymore and broke down.

The other inmates, especially Mandeep and Akashdeep feel that Mahek is doing all this to gain sympathy votes.

8 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5: Mandeep and Akashdeep feel Mahek Chahal crying to gain sympathy votes?”

  1. Mahek is acting to gain sympathy thats it.
    She totally deserved to be put in her place as she has been playing dirty games from so many days now

  2. Dear sky,
    U r better for nothing.Its very redeculuos to show ur so called dadagiri on mahek.UR saying that noone should discuss in regard with his matter. but my dear sky what r u doing in bigboss. dont think that u r very idle person. Its a normal tendency that when people sit together they always disucc something .but ur not accepting that.WHAT U HAVE DONE ON MAHEK ITS NOT GOOD.AND U SHOULD BE PUNISHED.

  3. big boss why you enter in big boss season-5 mr akashdeep he is adurty man

  4. jab akashdeep ne mehak ki insult ki uske past ki baat ki tab use contract dhyan nahi aaya k koi kisi ke past ke baare me baat nahi kar sakta aur kisi tarah kisi ki insult nahi kar sakta lekin jab mehak ne use uska muh tod jawab diya to use contract yaad aa raha hai. sath me mandeep aur pooja mishra uska sath de rahe hai footage pane k liye

  5. Aaj kal Mandeep bada hoshiyaar ban riya hai…….. Usaka jabaan ab khulane laga hai…….. Bhai wo to bada achchha aadami hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Mandeep become a women. Behave like a good girl. Dont support Akash when he is insulting a women. Akash is saying Mahek Dustbin and u r supporting him, shame on you.
    Akash leave the home, dont think, you deserve to be out of the house.
    Akash you are giving the UAE and other countries a very bad image of Womens in India.
    Siddharth you also have no rite to say Vida anything about his nationality.

  8. Yes, she create unnecessary situation and want to be center of attraction , SKY is a good person but in anger he talks very true things which are not right at this moment, this show is not about there past life, but character of human being is not changed even if they are watched by camera 24*7. those who support Mehak relies in future that she also manipulate situation and trapped in it.

    ( Aap Bhalay to Jag Bhala)

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