Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Laxmi Narayan , Akashdeep aka Sky ,Mahek Chahal and Pooja Misrra

Housemates of Bigg Boss Season 5 to nominate Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Pooja Misrra and Mahek Chahal for Eviction of Bigg Boss House.

Shradha Sharma nominated Akashdeep Saigal aka sky for eviction using Captain’s authority.

So now battle for eviction between Akashdeep Saigal aka sky, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Pooja Misrra and Mahek Chahal

60 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Laxmi Narayan , Akashdeep aka Sky ,Mahek Chahal and Pooja Misrra”

  1. sky battamej & challu kisam ka (Insan to hai hi nahi) ?????

  2. akashdeep did a very cheep job there….i think that he is the one who is with mind in big boss , but thats his biggest mistake

  3. i was the big suppourter of pooja mishra but wo ab apna vote bank lose kr rahi hai bay mtlb ki fights kr k.wo dosro ki value enhance kr rahi hai.ab tu sb ghr walay hi us ko pagal bol rahay hain.akhir kch tu ghalat hai us mai

  4. Pooja Missra is the bad one the other 3 are tooooooo damn good, Pooja Missra is vindictive, rude, mean and DISGUSTING

  5. Sky Is The Most illmannered contestant in the House of Big Boss… Being an Indian he doesn’t have any respect for women… Try taking panga with the size of your own Sky… I am sure Big Boss is gonna send someone Jo Tere Pathloong gela kar de …. Ladkiyon pe rauk jatata hai….. I hope you go out this week… This is not the game you are playing, u are actually trying to be smart….

  6. sky should be eliminated first, and pooja missra is a bitch and she is behaving like a mad bitch, she should eliminated and in future she should not be taken in any reality show.

  7. Intrusion of male contestants day by day is unfair for the lady contestants, especially for those who are already evicted from the Bigg Boss house after struggling hard to remain in the fray. Akashdeep (sky) deserves to be evicted this week due to his over acting showing as if he is the only smart guy among the lot. Bigg boss editor also seems to show the ugly fights & rona-dhona shots out of proportion to increase the TRP. There has to be a constitution for the contestants & Bigg Boss Show manager himself.

  8. please vote for pooja mishra she is alone in the house she is great entertainer of the house single handed many of them use her for their own purpose we should make her win the show….

  9. aksh ek battemiz insan h jo ye pehele v hum kayi sare tv show m dekh chuke h,,humesha gande tarike se game khelta h or samne bale ko use karta h,jisse use karna hota h uske sath hi baaat karta h or dusro m confustion creat karke ladai karwa deta h,,his a very cheep parson in big boss house

  10. this is not done. pooja mishra cannot be nominated regularly from the first week.bigg boss must do something for her ,she is becoming mad just bcoz of this.very unfair..:{

  11. sky ko nikalo nikalo bigboss se bahar pls pls pls pls ………bcoz wo 1 no.ka kamina h and pls pls vote for Pooja mishra she is very nice and sweet person….vote 4 PM 4 PM..Vote 4 PM…vote 4 PM……………

  12. is time to sky ko he evict hona chahiye wo is ghar mein rehne layak nai hai iske bad sid ka number hona chahiye wo uska chamcha hai wo dono milke sara ghar ko barbaad karne par tule hai main bigg boss ko kehna chahti hun log ye sab nai pasand karte unko achi cheeze dekhna acha lagta hai ye sab bakwas sabke gharo mein hoti rahti hain log kuch lesson lena chahte hai ke hum acha dekhe or acha soch sake……….

  13. please vote for pooja mishra she should win the show i am watching this bcoz of her plzzzzzzzzzz vote for her to stay and win

  14. Bigboss mujhe lagta hai k pooja mishra r sky in dono me se hi koi ek jaye specially pooja mishra Q ki wo baywajhe sab se ladti hai r ghar ka mahol bigad deti hai shayad wo ye sab popularity k liye janbuj k karti hai, secondly lakmi and mahek dono hi deserve karti hai k or aage tak is ghar me rahe.

  15. puja mishra is a whore .she want some big .

  16. hope this saturday ,aakash is fired from bigboss house.he has no manners how to speak with a women ,soumuch of insuling he does and on top he askes everyone how he is showing on bigboss wht a creep he is ,he should go out and learn some manners from his family.
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  17. pooja mishra is very fek person in bigboss…………

  18. mujhe lagta mehak he ek aisi contestant hai je yeh winnig prize deserve karti hai plzzzzzzz vote for mehak…

  19. I’ll see Bigboss only after Puja Mishra is evicted from Bigboss she is unreasonable and mentally ill.She has disturbed peace of other contestants.

  20. i think pooja bedi should win big boss 5…she is a geniuine person and does not get into fights and solves others fights also…i think she is not fake and should win …

  21. I love you Mahek…you should be the winner..hate Juhi..moti…sweet baate kerke sabka dil jit na janta hain

  22. siddarth is not good for this house. immidietly he should kick out. there is restriction in biggboss house to use the abuse language. even though bigg boss is not taken any action ! why ? no punishment to siddarth ! that means biggboss told him to use abused words. bigg boss do not play the politics

  23. I too don’t like Poja mishra. Gosh!, She is full of negative energies and a paranoid lady. She thinks everyone in the house is against her and she is a great loner. The problem with her is she doesn’t know how to make or keep friends. She should not be same like what she is in the Big boss house. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for her future husband. Good luck with her.

  24. I wonder why Amar Upadhyay was taken for this show. He never speaks clearly and always with lying in lazy posture with ladies either eating or gossiping. Shonali and Veeda are decent. Pooja bedi and Juhi are fake and drama bajis. Pooja Mishra 7 Siddarth are fit to be in mental asylum than in Bigboss house. I am sick of artificial laugh of Sky. He is irritating.

  25. wat kind of TRPs bigg boss required,i feel all filthy and foul language is used in bigg boss house decent family feel ashame to see with their families this is not done,only pooja misra is high lighted in the house as if she is only paid highly,pooja bedi & juhi parmar is not nominated y,remaining contestant r on paid picnic,52 camera capture only pooja misra no other contestant r ther to show on screen let salman khan come back to take care of maa behen process…………….

  26. Hi,

    I watched the Bogboss show on 14th Nov’2011, I was strange to see how all Housemates are against Pooja Misrra, she is a very strong lady, anyone irrated if all (around) will not talk with. I was strange to see that why Bigboss not take any action on Siddharth Bhardwaj who openly abused (Gali) to Pooja/ a lady and all house mates supported Siddharth, where is thier moral. Siddharth behaviour was more than a physical heart and not tolerable, he should out from the house immediately yesterday. He was using abuse word to a lady, tried to beat her and Bigboss was silent, it is realy a strange, where is your limit Bigboss ! Are you also biased !

    Other bad thing about show that every week continuously all house mates nominating a lady, you should have a rule that after 2 week regular nomination the person/lady should not nominate for eviction for a another week. If you will evict Pooja then your show will flop, so will not do so. Pooja is only saved by people, I appreciate she is very strong.


  27. My all freinds see the fake face of juhi parmar, kal jab pooja mishra ne ullu k pathi kaha to use itna gussa aaya tha r bahut badi badi bateein kar rahi thi kisi ko kisi k maa-baap ko gali dene ka haq nahi hai r ab jab pooja mishra ko sid ne uske maa-baap ki itni gandi gaali di tab kaha gaya uska gussa,juhi parmar aurat k naam pe daag hai tumhare samne ek ladka ek ladki ko uske maa-baap-bahen-bhai k gali de raha hai r tum usi ka side le rahi ho r kahti ho k mai sach ka saath deti hu,all bigboss viewers please nominate juhi parmar r use ghar k bhar nikalo bahut badi fake aurat hai and also sid for using such abusing words.

  28. siddarth is not good for this house. immidietly he should kick out. there is restriction in biggboss house to use the abuse language. even though bigg boss is not taken any action ! why ? no punishment to siddarth ! that means biggboss told him to use abused words. bigg boss do not play the politics plz take action without nomination

  29. It’s a bit shameful that the organisers of Bigg Boss are allowing the abusive language on the show. Today’s show showed sky saying words to Pooja Misra that were beeped out obviously because it was either an abuse or something too insulting to be aired on international TV. I have not been a big fan of PM but I do think that she is being unnecessarily picked on and being abused and mis treated on this show. I am a bit disgusted that Bigg Boss organisers are so cash hungry thT they will stand by and watch this happen. In fact Sid even threw a kick at her yesterday and it’s not important that he didn’t quite acheive hurting her – he could have!

  30. hi,

    i feel pooja mishra should go because she is half mental case..she is the one who break the big boss rules… i understand every game have rules and regulation..pooja mishra on every thing say ooh ..big boss deakh rahay hain every mistake she does she say janta deakh rahi hay.. but deep inside she is half mental..and she is trying to get footage..i strongly believe pooja mishra should go not vida….pooja mishra use dirty language even in this she was keep doing dirty act ” talk To my*** ” i dont think we can watch this kind of programe with family or youngster can be encourage to use foul language,,,she provoked sidh …people should see this and i strongly believe POOJA Mishra to go ……


  32. juhi is so so bad,my god her husband must be feeling so embarassed.

  33. I totally support Pooja Mishra. She is very strong girl and never fight unnecessarily. She is setting a example that one girl can live in house without support of anyone.

  34. I think it is important that BIG BOSS take the hold of the house. Sky and Sid both act like terrors. If this is considered to be a reality show that people watch with their family members, these kinds of inappropriate behaviors to be taken seriously. National TV should not consider keeping people that terrorizes the show. I have been watching the show since it has broadcasted its first episode. I strongly believe that Puja Mishra has been a target for all from the very beginning. If I were there I would have gone completely mad and the credit goes to Puja Mishra considering the way she controls herself. Juhi has been a joke; Puja Bedi tries to prove that she is the best, another joke. All together BIG Boss season 5 is a complete disaster .

  35. Big Boss is fun but unwanted crap needs to controlled Alot of families watch the show…… Pooja Misra is a mental case and needs help she shuldnt be part of this Show.. Mehak is another PAIN IN THE ASS… she speaks wen not required…. the rest can be tolerated…besides why r people going on with this gender thing… Pooja instigated Sid… and secially a man will not take it lightly…the only sensible head in the house is Bedi< vida, Juvi

  36. Mr bigboss mahek ko nikalo vo bahot dirty lagti he or house me sabko ladati he or vo apne aap ko bahot smart samjti he. Mr. Bigboss aapka season 5 bahot bekar he aapka TRP ab down hone wala he. Please app Pooja Mishra or Mahek ko nikalo varna aapka TRP ka bhi vandha padjaye ga

  37. is bigg boss gonna do anything about sid and sky.why bigg boss have put gundas in the house.big boss ne chudiya daal ke kahi chupa betha hai kya?

  38. pooja bedi and juhi are the chamchis of sky and sid cos they too know inside their heart not to take panga with them as they are gundas

  39. If anyone is making Big Boss dirtier it is Pooja Misra… Sid is by far much better than Pooja Misra. Not sure if you watch every episode religiously like I do but notice how people loose their temper because of pooja misra. She is such a bad example to the human kind and like all the other housemates say – a mental case.

  40. Mahek is the only courageous of the lot,had the guts to defend the truth unlike pooja bedi and juhi, who prefer to shield their fear of sky and sid by protecting and hovering over them and letting these two paw all over them just to be safe from their gondaism,as for shonali she is a unmentionable tooo cheap character



  42. my fullsupport to pooja misra . sab drama kar rahe hai. except pooja misra . mental to sid aur sky hai bigboss main. plz eleminate them as soon as possible plz big boss

  43. yeh Sid aur Sky ko ghar se bahar fek dena chahiye. unke ghar pe ma-baap nahi hai lagta hai !!!!!!!!!! tabhi inlog aaisa janvar jaisa behave kar rahe hai. pata nahi inke ma ne konsa janvar ka dudh pilaya hai inlogo ko . itni badtimiji se pesh aa rahe hai aur yeh biggboos ko bhi lagta hai gali sun na pasand hai isliye inko hamesha safe kar rahe hai . biggboss bhi lagta hai itna gira hua hai jo ki inki aaise javan bhi sar aankho pe lekar ghumta hai !!!!!!! what a surprise. aaise gandi siksha dena bandh karo biggboss. apna naam badal kar cheapboss rakh lo . aapke liye yehi achha rahega.

  44. sale sidh jab tune misra ko gali di tab tujhe family nahi dikhi..aaj tujhe rona aa raha hai jab mahak ne kaha..tu hai hi baccha..nd puja misra i liked puja misra is a true person. Everything is fake. I love puja misra. And big boss vida or shonali me se koi 1 nikalo

  45. sid,sky,juhi,pooja bedi,shradha,vida sucks.. only mahek is strong.. missra should support mahek now and should not believe in sky the bloody player… omg sid is a bachcha yaar soooo irritating……. waiting for aapka farman to see the “desi boyz”

  46. puja misra yr tu best hai tu hamesa yuhi rahna..or to sabhi fake hai sale..sidh tu hai hi bacha tere ko big boss me entry kisne karwayi..yaha koi kisi ka dost nahi hai bache..puja misra yu are smart, sweet, beautiful, and vry true i want that u make big boss win. And your one dailouge very liked that “E T NA Hungama” machaungi..”E T NA Hungama machaungi” i liked vry yr..;) tu lagi rah bas..

  47. well …

    whatever sid is the best he is only person who have ability to fight most evil … mahak and poja

  48. Big boss is a complete idiot can he not see an hear the injustices going on. Mehak is the best she speaks the truth and is honest. Sky and his poodle sid need to be booted out pooja bedi juhi an sonali r backstabbers sucking sky . I think mehak shud win

  49. hahahah sid bachu ghr chalo,yeh to sky k piche dum hilata phir rha hai,or sky jb se aya hai pblms hi pblms hain ghr mein, shonali to vese hi mithi churi thi mehek ne sahi kaha tha or ab to vo bhi sky k piche piche bhagti hai kute ki trha,sky yeh ho gya sky vo sky sky sky,yr jao tum logon se to mehek achi hai,or pooja bedi kitni change ho gyi haaaaai,omg i cant blv this,she WAS fair but now she s sooo unfair n like sid n shonali,sky k piche…anyway i love u mehek dont wry sb apke saath hain…


  51. MAHEK I LOVE U …………………..

  52. hi [email protected]
    ye aap kaisa karya de rahe ho ghar walon ko jo unko confuse kar deta hai maine bhi wo dekha aur suna meri bhi wohi samjh aaya jo sky ne bola amar ko nhin puja mishra ko captain hona chiye tha sky agar game se nikal gaya to bigg boss mein kuch nhin reh jayega plz meri reqest hai aap se is baar captain banne ke liye do naam aap suggest karein aur plz………………………….mahek ko bolein ki wo bar bar ladkon par apne aap ko thopti kyon hai ldkiyon ke sympthoy votes ke liye

  53. pom u r real person in the bigboss house n u will win….

  54. Big Boss today you have shown that who is the Boss of the House.Please control Sid ans Sky.Pooja Bedi and Juhi are really cheap .Pity poor Juhi’s husband.

  55. I think we should also look into the game point of view. We all are abusing Sid and Sky for being acting like gundas, but we forget past seasons. It was never a family show. All that works is fights and dramatic behavior. SId and Sky are the players of the game. the way Sky and Sid dominate and make their own group is a part of the game.Of course the actions such as using abusive language should be criticised. By the way PM instigated Sid..Sky and Sid …Good Players

  56. bedi is flirting wd sky,shame on bedi aunty.they r using eachaother

  57. jai hind

    pooja bedi done wrong side so she should be pulled out from big boss house,juhe now you have also ready to kik from bigg boss house


  58. bigboss kindly take action aganist sky & sid they openly dicusing about nomenation and mis guiding the other homemates too

  59. Bedi…. shame shame… juhi, bedi sky n sid cheapest people . kick them out of the show. bedi is flirting with sky .AUNTY BURI HAI…. , juhi parmar bad woman. aage aage DEKHO KAYA HOTA HAI……..

  60. y r u guys so concerned its all scripted they are playing characters so dont worry so much

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