Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shonali Nagrani,Shradha Sharma,Vida Samadzai and Pooja Misrra

As a new twist in nomination of eviction , Bigg Boss asked Captain Akashdeep Saigal aka sky to come into confession room with his favorite contestant.

Akashdeep Saigal aka sky go with Siddharth Bhardwaj in confession room , both discussed and decided Shonali Nagrani,Shradha Sharma,Vida Samadzai and Pooja Misrra names for evition this week.

So now battle for eviction between Shoo with nali Nagrani,Shradha Sharma,Vida Samadzai and Pooja Misrra

47 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shonali Nagrani,Shradha Sharma,Vida Samadzai and Pooja Misrra”

  1. i want Pooja Missra to go she is not well and need a mental treatment ASAP

  2. pooja mishra, we love uuu, india is with u, the politics happening inside the house is unfair plzzzzzzzz vote for her to win
    she is alone and needs support

  3. sid u,r,battamij,nikammai ho

  4. sid nai bhaddi gali di pooja misra par latt chalaee isko out karo big boss se,

  5. sid ko ghar se bahar jana he chahiye plz luxmi ko vapis layo sid or sky ko nikalo mujhe samajh nai aata wo kon log hai jo sky or sid ko pasand kar rai hain i dont think so ye bigg boss ko he pasand honge bigg boss dekhne walo ko nai…

    Siddarth a pure down market person no value for parents.should be discard from human society.
    Vida should never be in big boss as she doesnt speak the hindi language put her out now big boss.she thinks all she is God’s gift to human society full of herself.
    Sky very fake and no moral values doesnt practice what he preaches.
    Juhi needs a kick up her behind.evryone has no class no class but she is below no class.
    Mahek also winner.

  7. Pooja is the only candidate who is real n has the guts to fav
    face those 2face ppl. pooja we love u!

  8. sidhart is a mental case so plz admit to mental hospital, bcz aurato pr power dikhana , ye mardangni nhi h , main agr wha hota to sidhart ko latiya deta uski batmiji pr. plz use bhar feko. aur wo sky ka chamcha h.

  9. through sidd and sky out of the house

  10. Pooja Bedi is the most chalaak and hypocrate. She raised hue and cry against shakti kapoor and amar, but is not doing anything against sid and sky; she is instead supporting them tacitly even though they are illtreating women. She is also silent against pooja misra. with all this, she is posing as a social worker equal to swami agnivesh

  11. Bigboss show is totally fake,scripted and already planned. Sid ne pooja mishra ko itni gali di fir bhi use punish Q nahi kiya gaya, Q pooja bedi r juhi ko nominate nahi kiya ja raha hai b’coz pooja bedi hi BB5 jitne wali hai ye already planned hai Q ki wo ‘BEDI’ means famous personality jo hai. Sorry to say bigboss but its true BB5 is totally flop koi interest hi nahi aata dekne me

  12. get bstrd sky and sid out of this house.

  13. sky and sid rocking the show…..sonali aur mahek ko dikhado bahar ka rashta….

  14. I want Amar Upadhaya to get out as he plays games and Pooja Missra as she is a psycho.

  15. Akashdeep and sidhartha keeps on using so much abusive language against females then too big boss does not do anything..So much bad words with all the ladies then too big boss is worried about TRPS.How come he can become a captain..

  16. sid and sky ko house se bahar nikalo…..etne stupid logo ko aese show me nahi lana chahiae…pooja misra is good and she is true….and pooja bedi sbse buri…i love pooja misra…..apne aapko akela na samjo all india aapke saath hey or hum u.s.a…se bhi aapke sath hey……may be u 100% win….

  17. Sid and Sky should be thrown out of the Big Boss house .Pooja Bedi n Juhi seem to be the biggest hypocrites.This is the worst season of Big Boss that we have had upto now.

  18. Pooja mishra u r great , such torcher unhumen behavior from housemates u r suffring,Please vote for mishra .MEHAK u r very strong girl .u will be the winner .JUHI nd mis BEDI both hypocrates ,,,,,,,
    SID mentel case nd SKY …….SKY ….is LATTOO .ghomne wali cheez.

  19. well said Mahek way to go,sid’s mother threw him out cos he must have not respected his mother now why is he fretting like a chicken pok and sid should be thrown out right away for bad human behaviour,they are no class human beings(what has juhi got to say about fake bro Sky chilla NO CLASS NO CLASS)

  20. hats off to pooja mishra trully deserving cadidate for the title whole indian community aboard with u and supports uuu handling very well.execellent support the courage of patience

  21. Let PM come out and you all supporters feel her anguish and abuses,then you may realise..i think she is one hell of an actress..crying cat…! Silly woman! I juz HATE her!

  22. pooja mishra should win the show plz vote and support one and only entertainer all other r fakes…..

  23. Ye sala Sid to Akash ka nokar hai…. Vo to sirf Akash ki seva karne or Shonali ke aansu saaf karne aaya hai… Sale ko nikal do…

  24. ye sid ko koi kaam nahi hai big boss main ye sala girl ko gali deta hai aur sala ladkiyo ke picche chipa rhta hai sala akash ka chamacha

  25. Mehak u rocks,bilkul thik lesson dia sid ko,bastard hai sala,amatuare hai bacha hai,oar sky ka toy hai,jb usne pooja mishra ko gali di thi tb tu koi ghr wala pooja mishra k paas nai aaya tha mgr jb mehak ne sid ko rightly taunt kia tu bedi johi vida oar shonali us k paas aa gaye for symphoty,wat was that

  26. pooja bedi is most cunning and hypocrate. she is supporting sid and sky even though they behaved badly with sraddha, mahek, laksmi, vida etc. she is even doublecrossing her party. worst woman.

  27. Mahek u r best and u totally deserve to win BB5. Pure ghar me sirf tum me hi courage hai, u ar so strong and its request please hamesha aise hi rahna don’t change urself. And pooja bedi,juhi both hypocrite,fake,aurat k naam par kalank ghar se bahar nikalo dono ko.

  28. sky is a classic player. he made for these reality shows only. kuch bhi kaho he has changed the ground of bigboss house with his intelligence, from now nobody will take panga with him. he is MAN OF THE SHOW.

  29. Sky is such an Idiot…. Totally manipulative. No respect for anyone else but himself! Sid is innocent and being taken for a ride by Sky… Pooja Bedi seems to be falling for it too… Good Mahek stood up to all 3… GO MAHEK!!!!!! And if PM becomes captain, things will really become more interesting!!

  30. Vida Samadzai’ko ghar say bahir nikalo aak dam faitu hay

  31. puja misra tu kisi par belive mat karna yr..kyuki yaha sabhi fake hai ..nd jo tera dil kahe wohi kar..kisi ki mat sun..and i knw u r very smart. tu jo karegi sahi karegi..but kisi ka belive mat karna..and i liked u smile:) u..

  32. helo big boss sid aur sky ko bahar ka rasta dekaho.they are bledy fools. pooja mishra india tumhare saath hai .tum akele nahi ho bigboss ke under .

  33. my vote is for pooja mishra. sky and sid they are fools

  34. I think…Sid & Akash’s behaviour in big boss house on national TV is not at all accepted. I don’t know why big boss is allowing to behave like this…I think may be for high TRP…….both are usles & i don’t want to see them in bigboss house any more……

  35. sky,sid rocks!! pooja physco should be kick’d out of the house even mehek also . both are fake and mentally disorderd persons. both of them sucks…..

  36. yes sid and sky are the lowest of the low characterless cheapest of the cheap men who only know to abuse and lick the tails of characterless women like shonali and pooja bedi.\

  37. sid or sky ko ghar se bahar jana he chahiye plz sid or sky ko nikalo mujhe samajh nai aata wo kon log hai jo sky or sid ko pasand kar rai hain i dont think so ye bigg boss ko he pasand honge. ye season ka bigg boss show fake hai aur already planned hai.yaha house rules break karne par be bigg boss ke jis per maharbani hai uska kuch nahai bigar sakta jaisa ke sid n sky.
    bigg boss is doing parcility for them

  38. Pooja & Mahak is the only candidate who is real n has the guts to fav
    face those 2face ppl. pooja we love u!

    JUhi has no calss…..sid realy bachha..
    sonali out of this house…………

  39. amar and mehk good player big boss house pleas finel winer in do main se hi ho or sahrdha bhi good he use bhi akhri 3 main jana chaye ye 3 imandar player he kam se kam koi mazak to nahi urda rahey or dimag se kaam le raha he amer good player

  40. Pooja Bedi and Juhi need to be thrown out.

    Either Sid or Akash should be eliminated…

    Amar is going good.

    Thumbs up to Mahek and Pooja Mishra.

  41. Aaj tu faces dekhne wale thay juhi,pooja bedi,sid oar sky k.ab pta chala na akela hona kya hota hai,mishra oar mehak ko bohat akela kia in logo ne,mgr ab khud akele ho gaye,but phir bhi i must say k shonali double faced hai,usne mishra ki baat ghalat btayi oar mehak ki fight krwani chahi mehak se.

  42. Mahek is the strongest of all. She stand for truth whether it is sonali or PM who are not bonding with her from the very beginning.PM also defend herself but the way Mahek fight and keep her point in fronth of others is more better.Most of all Mahek is the most cutest and beautiful.

  43. mahek shradda vida pooja mishra and amar are the worst players in big boss5.
    they should be thrown out of the house
    Mahek has a godfather in the show
    mahek a worthless character

  44. Poja bedi aunti is very characterless women.she donot think about her child and say that sky is frind of my boyfriend.she is ghar pahachahu sewa.

  45. my vote for Mahek and i think you r best and u totally deserve to win BB5.

  46. I like very much 3 Parson in biggboss house
    1.Amar upadhyay=he is a good man,enka relation sab ke saath aacha hai
    2.mahek chahal=she is very strong girl &very beautiful i like vry… Vry… Vry… Much mahek
    3.juhi parmar=she is a gud parson &peacefully

    in my idea
    sid,sky&sharda sharma i don’t like
    sharda ghamandi hai or wo bad words use mai leti hai…
    That’s solf in my idea

  47. Wrong person won…. Siddharth should have won xxx

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