Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Pooja Bedi,Akashdeep Saigal,Siddharth Bhardwaj and Mahek Chahal

Housemates of Bigg Boss Season 5 to nominate Siddharth Bhardwaj and Mahek Chahal for Eviction of Bigg Boss House. Amar Upadhyay nominated Pooja Bedi for eviction using Captain’s authority.Bigg Boss nominated Akashdeep Saigal aka sky for eviction last week due fail complete weekly task

So now battle for eviction between Pooja Bedi,Akashdeep Saigal,Siddharth Bhardwa and Mahek Chahal

38 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Pooja Bedi,Akashdeep Saigal,Siddharth Bhardwaj and Mahek Chahal”


  2. Clashes between Sid and Sky… Ab maja aayega..

    Save Sid….

  3. mahek is good girl, amar is good captaincy. Sky is very political in bigg boss.

  4. Pooja Bedi going to be evicted this time for sure. If a miracle happens then maybe Sid because he is too dull now after he got scold from Sallu Mia.

  5. sky has used sid n now sky will try to attack him…sky is a horrivle man

  6. sky is disgusting. no akhlaq whatsos ever. sid is the same. they lack manners. pooja is mature and fair at times so she should be given a chance. mahek is the best coz shes brave and bold ! juhi should be kicked out,. she doesnt belong in this game. shonali is innocent and shes a beauty. shes not dumb at all. pmisra is the winner……..lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cos shes what she is!i simply love this…….programme and im watching from kenya……ohhhhhh lala…..i love it! plzzzzzzz show some respect in the show…….people cant be this crazy!

  7. Juhi parihar nd Pooja Bedi is the best player of Big Boss session 5.

  8. Sky is a real Mafia in biggbiss house..juhi n pooja bedi are servants of Sky and yeah they r supporting very bad person Sky..biggboss should kick Sky out of the Biggboss.

  9. hats off pooja mihra truely a deserving winner of this season noone is like u,u r amazing love uuuuu

  10. pooja bedi & juhi both are not the fair player & artificial acts are damaging their image. Both are quite selfish. Till now they were using Sonali & now Using SKY but Sky is not like Sonali. He is quite shatir & dirty player.

  11. Siddharth ka bigg boss me aana bilkul galat hai. siddharth sirf Sky ke dum par gussa dikhata hai. Sky ka agar gundaraj khtam karna hai to Siddharth ko bahar jana hi hoga. Pooja Misra and Sunny leone is a best person in BIGG BOSS 5 HOUSE

  12. “Sky is very diplomatic, Fake, argumentative n bad man. In show he is playing a game very beautifully but this is his characteristic.
    PM is feeling very lonely so she is depressed n frustrated.
    Sid is a battemiz guy.
    PB is like advisor but for wat she dont know though she knows like this is her job.
    Amar is less talk person and he knows this is long term game.
    Sonali is a soft haert gal who likes peace.
    juhi’s behaves like kid n she wants always guardian.
    Shradhha is a one Jo kisi ko apne uper hawi nahi hone deti hai.
    Mahek is only gal in BB who feels she is like a man n she deserve for dat.”

  13. Pooja Bedi going to be evicted this time for sure.

  14. Akashdeep is the worst person in bigboss.He insults every one except his bonded labourers,pooja bedi and juhi.The title MEETHI CHHURI is absolutely true for pooja bedi.Akash barks with big mouth like a rogue.He does not know the civil manners.When ever he opens mouth,he taunts and insults others.Mehak is the only bold lady who has taught him and Sid to behave.Other ladies are afraid of Akash.

  15. Sky is a real Mafia in biggboss house..juhi n pooja bedi are servants of Sky and yeah they r supporting very bad person Sky..biggboss should kick Sky out… ……

  16. sky is disgusting, but most disgusting is pooja bedi. even if sky kills somebody she will support him. she talks about othr’s charachter when she has to eliminate somebody (shakti, vida shraddha etc.) but her charachter is worst, she is totally slave of sky.

  17. Bigg boss sky q itna gund spread kr raha hai,us ne be waja ki aurgument start ki thi mehak k sath.mehak ne bohat brdasht kia mgr sky baaz nai aaya.agr sky ko haq hai mehak ka tamasha bnane ka,tu phir mehak ka bhi koi qasoor nahi hai,jb sky mehak se argue kr raha tha tb koi bhi ghr wala roknay k liye aagay nai aaya,sb tamasha dekhte rahe oar bedi sb se beghairat hai jo sky ka sath de rahi hai wo sky ko use kr rahi hai

  18. Hi Biggboss,

    Sky (Aakash) is a very big duffer and he is trying to be over smart, Whenever I saw him Bigboss I feel to use bad words on him.

    (like, Is maka…………………, Make ki………..)
    I’m very glad when I use this on him me and my friends feel relax.

    That’s it.


  19. Sky is a Sick man, who feels that he is the best human in whole world n others are dump..
    Dirty dirty dirty ..
    Mahek is only one who feels that she is a like a man. And she deserves for that..
    Difference between sky n Mahek :
    Mahek is trusty person n sky is not.
    Mahek is a like supporter for others n sky hurts others.
    Mahek has a brain n heart and sky has only dirty brain..
    …. .. .

  20. I think its high time that pooja bedi leaves the house followed by juhi. To ladies in the house have no work other than justifying whatever sky does. Big Boss please, we have never seen Mahek starting any fights in the house so why is everyone in the house against her. Really felt emotional when mahek cried, whether a girl is right or wrong no one has a right to insult her or talk abput their characters. Sky has a personal grudge on Mahek which he is removing herein the house. Its wrong if Mahek gets evicted we will stop watching Big Boss.

  21. hey guys ye pura game scripted h jaise ki PM aur SKy jo ki most hatred people hai janta ki najar me phr bhi wo log har bar bach jate hai infact mjhe to ye b lagta h k ye log janta k vote ko consider hi nahi karte , dekhna abki bar sid hi jaega qki jo shant hota h uska show me koi kam nahi hota ,, big boss thodi to sharam karo atlest janta k vote to consider karlo,,,,,,,hahaha

  22. mahek is a fair lady. who spoks truth but no one can’t see. every one against mehek because she is a strong contender.

  23. Mahek again hurted by dirty sky….
    I expect for fair for BB contestants by only one the real Hero SALMAAN KHAN.

    Thank you the great human being…

  24. Sky is d person who made the show worth watching…..everyone here is saying bad for sky…..nd on the other hand everyone loves watching fights on reality show….ppl who support fake beauties here r real dumbass ppl……if sky is gone now big boss will loose its charm… everyone is so boring….Sky go ahead buddy….delhiites r with you

    Sid is immature kiddish. Mahek is fake ….crying all the time …creating something outta nothing….just to gain sympathy . Shonali doesnt exist . juhi and amar r smart players. PM is also strategic but will go to finale.

  25. sid is very cheap person he is a bullshit man. saale ne aise group badla hai na khud ko bahut smart samjhta hai usko ghar se nikalo saale ko

  26. hey biboss,

    I feel Mahek is the only contestant in your house who is honest, bold & speaks the truth. She has courage to fight with Gundaa like Sky without giving bad words & without talking rubbish like taking family & frnds name to annoy anyone… sky is big time fattu evil who desperate to stay in your house bcoz usko bahar koi puchta hi nahi…Pooja bedi & Juhi parmar are 2 servent of his who don’t deserve to call human bcoz they both support wrong.
    i would like to ask question to pooja bedi last week she told everyone to nominate her & create drama front of Mr. Khan & dutt that she never being away from her doughter on her birthday… why didnt she askd to nominate her 1 or 2 week before…? she would have being out that time only.. she would have got enought time to plan her doughter’s birthday… but stupid pooja bedi we are not fool.. we know why you have done this… you came to know that since your are supporting the evil in the house sky & one day everyone will nominate you & audiance will through out of the house so lets make excuse of your doughter’s birthday.. & gain sympathy from audiance… & u will get satsfaction that audience didnt through you out of house u left the house… u are a big time plaaner i must say…. but people like you will never grow in life who support wrong people like Gundda SKY… & Juhi u just forget about winning the show….

  27. yaar pura big boss show planned ho chuka hai jise jana chahiya wo jata nahi aur jise nahi jaana chahiya wo jaa raha hai. Dekh lijye jo bad persons wo jaa nahi rahe aur jo shaan rehte hai unhe bahar ka rasta dikha rahe hai ye log. Sirf trp ke liye pura bid boss planned ho chuka hai.

  28. sky is a bloody bitch and a mental retarded
    he often judges the carachter of other people though forgets his own
    only mahek knows how to behave properly all the other people who nominated her are jerks
    also pooja bedi, you divorced husband must be saying thank gdness i divorced with you if you did that when i was married, i would rather commit suicide
    Pja Bdi & JhiPrman AND Sky the abnormal animal must be kicked on their ass and be sent out with people throwing tomatoes on their faces FREAKS!! WTF!!!!

  29. ye galt h puja ko kam se kam 1 moka to dena chiye tha..n puja ko kyu nikala..aab main ye show hi dekhna chod dunga..

  30. bigboss why pooja mishra thrown out, why not sidd and sky.this is bias bb. u didnt take any action against sky when he broke the bathroom and came inside when pm was using.shame mis behaving with ladies. Pooja mishra was oftenly provoken by the inmates that she is psyco, insane .doing black magic,and say jai mathadi and all.And bigboss u never gave any warning to these goondas.Uve thrown out poojamishra for not doing anything. if i was in her place iwld breake sky and sidd head and comeout from the show .bigboss u hv not done justice to mishra .very bad bigboss.

  31. U guys know the game. There maybe some who’s bad but Mahek is the worst.. Few housemates may have misbehaved but it was always Mahek who urges to fight. Every actions she does comes out of evilness. All the other mate fights but forgets. But its always Mahek who keeps the issue. GUYS, In real life! U can never have the friendship bond with a people like Mahek. Remember !! every time she gets nominated, she cries for the sympathy votes making people believe she’s right. Folks! Don’t fall for her.

  32. my question for BIGG BOSS = yeh show reality show cum but partiality show zada hai.

    bigg boss ka naam ab bigg english boss rakh dena thaa kyonki hindi show hote hue bhi isme english jyada bolte hai are bhai sabhi ko pata hai aur sabhi ko english aati hai par hindi ke show ko to baksh do.

    pooja bedi vida ko to english bolne par punish kiya thaa lekin uske baad to sabhi totally english hi bol rahe hai kya bigg boss ko sunai aur dikhai nahi deta hai kya?

    aakash aur pooja mishra jaise logon ko to kabhi bhi nahi lena chahiye thaa.

    aakash ladies ki tarah mouth khol khol kar bolta hai aur acting karke bolta hai uss jaise ko to out kar dena chahiye. Sir, this is a game show not acting school.

    iski rating tabhi to low hai.

  33. Pooja Missra ko waps lao she is a strong contender.

  34. sid and sky continuosly abuses female and puja missra and mahek protested these two guys..where bigboss just giving a lesson to bloody abuser sid not by evicting him where bigboss decides to evict puja missra who protested abusers taking entry by force in a toilet where puja missra present already …..horrible show….bigboss murda bad…by evicting puja missra bigboss did worst job in encouraging sid and sky as abusers…

  35. Sid is the most loyal person in the house. he had been loyal to his friend Sky and when sky was wrong he did not support him and supported Mehek which show the good human bahaviour.

  36. sky bohath dirty game kheltha usku ladkiyon se baath karne ka thareeka hie nahie atha usko kick marke nikalo big boss

  37. what for PM was made captain of the house and if she has been made then there is no question arise of kick her out, even she was not nominated one. I feel it was a wrong decision.

  38. At last BB has the sense to kick Pooja Mishra out of the house in spite of the fact that she was used to enhance TRPs. It is impossible to believe that she though she was nominated almost every week, she got enough votes to be safe. Who is supporting bad behaviour – viewrs or Big Boss?

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