Bigg Boss: Sunny Leone Pole dancing on Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai

Bigg Boss: Sunny Leone Pole dancing on Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai

Bigg Boss appears to be leaving no stone unturned to ensure that porn superstar Sunny Leone lives up to the ‘expectations’.

Adding spice to the fire, she was asked by Bigg Boss to perform pole dance – a first in the house – that too on the seductive number, `Ye mera deewanapan hai, ya muhabbat ka suroor`.

She was sliding, jumping, kissing, embracing the pole as a professional; she is a pro but everyone is supposedly oblivious to her real self. Indeed her show was superlative as she got a standing ovation with all the housemates yelling ‘HOTTIEEE’

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  1. Unexpected…. I think Big Boss you have lost your family viewers.

  2. Hey I am damn sure Aman Sid and Sky know very well that Sunny Leone is a “PORNSTAR”.

  3. For all who speak against sunny Leonehere is mytake Sunny Leone is an American citizen whose birthplace is Canada She is I repeat an American citizen who by profession an adult industry actor in America where it is absolutely legal for her to be so. By coming to India she has neither violated a law nor has she committeda crime. She has not done anything which might be even remotely considered indecent in India. Sunny Leone is as human as all of ur . I think she has been well spoken and well behaved and as a progressive country we need to project tat India is a fair country tat Indians do not discriminate. Tat we shall be fair to her like we are to all law abiding people in this country. I welcome sunny and my message is tat a career defines what u do not what you are . A career is a personal choice and we as free men and women have a right to decide our morals and act uponthem withoutdoing anyone harmhe people think sunny is a bad influence I suggest theyswitch channels or use the parental control on their TVs. I think sunny is cute and fun and I’m glad she is on the show.

  4. pl.evict this porn star from the house immidiately , who has derrogated the value of this show , shocking to see that salman & sanju r just pampering her like anything .

  5. Sunny does not showing any nudity here . Every body have a right to show the actual life & feeling of himself ,
    She is good from her heart

  6. Big boss is getting mad…What is intention to call sunny in big boss?What they wanted to prove?After all it’s family show…To get TRP on television if they are doing then it’s completely wrong.Sunny is right in her place..but this is india & it’s indian show.

  7. If you are constantly watching big boss with not having negative perception about sunny career what she is, you will find a huministic aspect in her behaviour and her chemistry with other mates.There is pervasive minset among indian people that a pornstar destn’t have moral and derrogate society norms,but these perceptions fall wrong when you become unbaised in thinking and you cover every aspects of human behaviour honestly.

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