Bigg Boss Eviction : Pooja Bedi out from Bigg Boss

Pooja Bedi has been evicted from house of the Bigg Boss Season 5. So now, house is now ‘Pooja’ Less as Pooja Missra has also been thrown out from the house.

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  1. well done sanju..last time i had written that u r bais . u support ur film fraternity . u praised pooja bedi and everybody were compelled to clap for her eventhough she was trying to add fuel. evry1 can easily make out the difference between 2lined pearl and 1 lined pearl. tis week u said the things that we discuss at home . v well done ..but still … in the end when u show the clippings of the evicted person , u did not show the negative and game planner pooja bedi.. she speaks how a married man like shakti kapoor shld behave…lol…people living in glass houses shld not throw stone

  2. Finally, Pooja BEdi has gone!! She suddenly discovered her love for children when she knew everybody would nominate her. Sanjay Dutt asked her why she did not make sky understand when she used to lecture everybody else, but she had no answer.
    Now sky is afraid. Amar, Mahek, sraddha, sonali everybody is against him

  3. Very happy to see Pooja Missra being thrown out, albeit in a bra-less see-through dress that she added to her sharmindaar status. Next to go should be Akashdeep who is a trouble maker, a liar who brings out the worse in the house-mates.

    I would vote for Amar or Shonali to win if I were in India.

  4. mahak is a female trouble maker
    akashdeep is a mail trouble maker

  5. pooja bedi is a wannabe a failure actor who tried her best to be goody goody. she lacked something which was being genuine . she would only intervene after the fight was over but never try to stop a fight when it was going on. I’m not happy shes out but its not a sad thing either . the biggest lie was that she was voted out because of her kids birthday . she was voted out because we the people did not like her

  6. oh glad that u are finally with your kids..well pooja bedi wanted to go thats why big boss gave her permission to go..its her decision that why she went…even she said in tweeter as well..

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