Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shradha Sharma,Akashdeep Saigal and Sunny Leone

Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shradha Sharma,Akashdeep Saigal and Sunny Leone

As tweest Bigg Boss asked all male contestant coming into confession room and give two name for this week nomination. Amar Upadhyay , Siddharth Bhardwaj and Akashdeep Saigal they decided Shradha Sharma and Sunny Leone’s name for this week eviction nomination with majority.

Mahek Chahal nominated Akashdeep Saigal for eviction using Captain’s authority.

So now battle for eviction between Shradha Sharma,Akashdeep Saigal and Sunny Leone

22 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shradha Sharma,Akashdeep Saigal and Sunny Leone”

  1. plzzzzz bigboss bring back pooja mishra back as wild card entry and make her win. todays show was boring without u they even dont know how to confront plz she is a winner no one in any season made us entertain as she does thank u big boss to select her we love everything she does make her realise whole india and aboard support her bring back we will make her winner she is much worth than that we love uuuu pooja mishra hope waiting eagerly to watch her and vote for her a nri fan we really miss u vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv much.plz consider our requests…..

  2. What the hell, Sky knows Sunnys true identity but he is still all close to her. I can imagine his thoughts with her, no wonder he is always stuck to her

  3. nomination should be of sonali & juhi parmar alongwith SKY.

  4. sid & amar played really save themselves they put forward the name of other ladies.we want to see thier backs

  5. hi my name is jeetu i think this weeks nomination was easy 4 sky, sid, amar the two names shld have been shonali ,shradha there was no need of debate it was unfair for sunny leone to be nominated the three guys didnt do justice to her it was wrong i am disappointed plzzzzzzzzz try to save sunny frm evicted and plzzzzzz audience vote 4 sunny,sky

  6. Pls do not bring Pooja Mishra back as she is mentally retarded. I am glad that she has gone as showing her behavior on a national tv is totally wrong. Spare Us.

  7. hey big boss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring pooja mishra back! she was honest and has apologised. after all ,,,,,,,,she was provoked…all because of siddarth……… unfair……! its boring without her……….absolutely. hey u losing ur viewers

  8. Sky was sure to be nominated as mehek being the new captain wanted him out.
    Siddharth manipulated the nomination process to his advantage. Take a close look at siddharth. He was falling at Salmans and SanJay dutts feet . He always tries to prove he is right.he manipulates like crazy. On the surface he is nice to every 1 but he speaks about the same people the very moment they turn their backs. But he doesn’t have the guts to cross amar or sky.siddharth is playin to win always desperate to be right. Always waving his hands bending forward in an unmanly fashion just take a look at the politics of this person. He wants sunny out claiming tat sunny is bored ,she has a language barrier. Sunny might have said she is bored but siddharth used this casual statement as an alibi to nominate her. Because sunny is competition. Because she is so neutral.
    Shraddha is someone who is a soft target . And siddharth is eliminating one by one .
    Sky has been right , though verbally brash sky challenged siddharth & amar when they nominated sunny & shraddha. At least he was right in asking for a justification. Siddharth manipulated again and sidelined amar. N nominated sunny & shraddha .
    Sunny is cute graceful and most well behaved.
    The snake is siddharth.
    & shraddha is most likely going to be. Out. Thanks to her own rude behaviour

  9. plzzzzzzzz big boss do justice bring back our darling pooja mishra as a wild card entry and make her win bcoz no wild card entry ever win but it be first time it will happen by public voting after all its public demand she is willing to be back otherwise its ainjuctice to her whole life i hope u dont support injustice so plz bring her we will vote for her and make her winner she is heart and soul of show without it is not worth watcing plzzz we miss her alot and support her………..

  10. plzzz big boss bring back pooja mishra as a contestant not as guest we want to see her win as wild card entry she is the soul of the show without it dont like watching its boring for us and she is become a victim inside the house what any do if provoke 24/7 u also not taking any stand of her bcoz she is a women we will not bear any injustice towards her for only a mere touch she has humilated everytime like a dirt in the house she didnt do anything in our eyes its only a little self respect which everyone deserve to sid she should not be evicted she labbeled names for godsake which is female v weak campare toa man not married she has a future u cant destroy it plz we requst u to bring -poojs mishra back at any cost….thank u big boss

  11. juhi,sky and sunny should go and plz bigg boss bring pooja mishra back

  12. if some one quote about BIG BOSS`s daughter/sisters are being quoted KAMINI, then how he will react on this.

  13. Shradha has to go out of the show and Mahek is playing the game along with Amar and I dont’ like this idiot Amar and Mahek. Sunny should be given one more chance and it is not fair.

  14. Sky is playing by all members & he is prepared to create a problem against shradha & he want to save him self by sort out a problem against shradha by telling she is very cruel to save himself from nominations

  15. please bigboss out the sky, she has bad character of house, please through out the bigboss. Mahek congrats for captain. dont frnds with us sky, sky is bad character in bigboss.


  17. Hello!
    I have been following Bigg Boss since Season 2 and enjoyed it very much even waiting for the Next season as soon as One ends…
    But for the past couple of Weeks, This Scum Sky has made it very disturbing to sit through an episode. This So called ‘man’ should be eliminated. He is constandtly speaking trash and it gets very very disturbing to even those watching at home.
    If not evict atleast cut down the footage this Vulgar Human Being is given…
    Shradha MUST stay… SKY MUST GO!!!!

  18. Good persons out from big boss house like Pooja bedi & lakshmi pls big boss consider vild card entry for good persons and requist for indian public see big boss dont vote for Natak baaz persons like Mahak/sid/amar/shirddha

  19. Big boss pls dont consider pooja mishra for vild card entry she is not good for big boss house

  20. plz big boss we request u to bring back pooja mishra back as wild card entry she is innocent and it is unfair on her part if she didnt win we r addicted to see her daily and vote for her plz do consider get her on any cost dont spare us of her it is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv boring without her dont feel watching soul is lost within the body.

  21. Please stop showing dark shades of all the contestants ,I don’t think all have negative humans…please just eliminate Mr.Sky from the show as he is degrading the show …

  22. kick out Siddharth the manipulative sneak who is the real snake

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