Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shonali Nagrani,Mahek Chahal,Amar Upadhyay and Siddharth Bhardwaj

Housemates of Bigg Boss Season 5 to nominate Shonali Nagrani,Mahek Chahal,Amar Upadhyay and Siddharth Bhardwaj for Eviction of Bigg Boss House.

So now battle for eviction is between Shonali Nagrani,Mahek Chahal,Amar Upadhyay and Siddharth Bhardwaj

20 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 Eviction Nomination | Shonali Nagrani,Mahek Chahal,Amar Upadhyay and Siddharth Bhardwaj”

  1. Amar and Mahek are very strong against Shonali and Sidharth.

    Shonali is brainless and Sidharth is mannerless. But overall I think Janta will support Shonali over Sid.

    From producers concern, it depends how they both perform this week. No entertainment from both fellas. If Salman to be consider, kick Sid out.

  2. Its Aman or Shonali who would be sure to be voted out by big boss house. Personally i want Shonali to be get evicted because she is such a stupid girl in the house no brains at all. Sorry to Shonali fans here but its damn true.

  3. without pooja mishra bigboss is so boring really cant bearable even sunny and andrew symonds cant help with their funny hindi pronounciation

  4. This time i think Shonali Nagrani or Mahek Chahal will say good bye to BB5 House….!

  5. sab k sab mind less ghar me sky aur sunny kuna sa bada kam kare bol k jo sab k sab un ko save kare sid aur mahek ko karna tha

  6. Amar has to go out and waste person

  7. first time, it has been observed that JUHI`s face seems artificial and her act after nomination of Sonali, she apears to be a fake identity and due this action, she would be paid off in days to come.

  8. Yesterday, why SID had reacted on Amar, did not got his intention. SID is unable to bear the heat of Nomination like Sonali. When Amar was alo nominated with him then what for had cried?

  9. Siddharth should be thrown out . he is a sneak & a troublemaker

  10. Sky is not good person so he left out on this week.

  11. immaturity is there in SID and some times, he lost his confidence and became fool of it. He is an youth Icon but does not seem so.

  12. rakho sid ko ghar me .aur out karo sonali juhi amar sunny.sab drama baaj hai show dekhene walo ko kuch maja nahi dete shirf kona pakadte hai bhagao sab ko bahar.sab se drame baaj to juhi hai.kuch hungma nahi hoga to kya dekhena bigg drama to kai aata hai.

  13. sid is best juhi sky and amar r worst

  14. i hope big boss is interest in making Juhi the winner
    i am sad with this decision

  15. is baar ager juhi 5th no. pe na ayi to ye sure h ki biggboss fair decision nahi ki,kiuki juhi bilkul v layek nahi h top 5 par ana,

  16. sky n juhi must be thrown out of the show they r nt deserving one, to win the show.If 1 of them is a winner its absolutely unfair.

  17. i hope i think & i know that juhi is the winner of this season bcoz other member of the house are not suitable for this

  18. I am extremely.. extremely happy that Juhi won the show.This is the true example that a right character always wins and should be, not the bad character.Truly yours “Bigg Boss”.Thanks.Very glad.

  19. Juhi parmar is a bloody bitch an mahek chehelle should have won. Bigg boss played a game on us and i would just tell them piss of fuckers!! I am never watching this fucking programme again.

  20. big boss winner desicion was political ,mahek was real winner.juhi ji kal sky ne godh main le liya aap ko aab ye acha laga .amar to aap ko acha nahi laga wah what a parciality,juhi u dont deserve this win .well mahek will get much more then u.god is with her.

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