Bigg Boss 5 : Mahek Chahal to re-enter in Bigg Boss House?

Things now really seem to be heating up in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. According to Buzz in media, recently ousted contestant Mahek Chahal is being considered for a re-entry in the house.

Buzz has it that Laxmi Tripathi and Shonali Nagrani has also been roped in as possible wild card entrants, but Mahek seems to be the front-runner.

3 Responses to “Bigg Boss 5 : Mahek Chahal to re-enter in Bigg Boss House?”

  1. mahak chahal bloody cheater,salman is promoting her that after winning big boss she can get offers from bollywood,nobody voted her to renter big boss house,even whenever she is nominated nobody voted her it is salman khan who loves charity promoting her,and mahak bitch is after poor sky who said nothing bad to her but have to tolerate mahak bitch,it is salman khan the main culprit here,he can give money from being humun to mahak why playing with other participant’s feelings and status,sky and juhi deserve to win,they are famous tv actors,and mahak who is she?she looks horrible with make up and without make up,SALMAN KHAN stop fooling the public

  2. NOW I CAN BELIEVE PPL LIKE YOU EXIST IN THIS WORLD ,,, I THINK IF PERSON LIKE SKY SAID SAME THING AS HE SAID TO MAHAK THEN U COULD FEEL SAME AS MAHAK FEELING ,ALMOST EVERY GAL WAS IRRITATED FROM HIM .Anyways i can say about juhi that she is a good player and she is using sky very well. Sky is one if the stupid person in the show who is justt using his emotions and mouth not brain where juhi is good .

  3. Juhi should not have won the title for she was not as candid a person a Mahak

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