Biggboss 6 : Drama in Biggboss house

Biggboss has sparked a drama in the house by arranging elections between two parties. Now house seems to be divided specially after decision of the elections were announced

This week, biggboss gave a task to contestants for their luxury budget. In the task they were asked to setup two different parties in the house. After election campaign elections were held, and with Deelnaaz’s captain vote, Urvashi’s team was announced as winner.

Sampat who seems to be active this week (she has been nominated to eviction this week) does not gel with the decision of biggboss.  She was fainted and was complaining to biggboss that justice has not been given to her team.

lets see how these events will turn out.

2 Responses to “Biggboss 6 : Drama in Biggboss house”

  1. Greetings to Loving Salman Bhaijaan,

    Sapna and Sampat’s attitude not to accepted at any rate. Their presence in the house is creating an havoc. A game is to be played as a game and not creating Political Issues out there. Karishma needs to rectify herself. And Aseem needs to understand where he is?

    Ending here with Love and Blessings

    Jyoti and Mom.

  2. rajeev paul –> ferzeeee no. 1
    brijesh –> kuch jyaada hi shaandpatti karta hai, hoshiyaaar kahin ka…
    aashika —> self orienented only. dhoongee kahin ki…
    delnaaz –> good but somehow politically correct

    Siddhu –> preparing good image (may or not be good)
    niketan –> jo vo hai vo hai, original n minded person..
    sapna –> Solid boleto ek-dum hi solid… salute to her….
    aseem –> only cartoonist

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