Bigg Boss 6 : Karishma opted out due to father’s death

Karishma Kotak has opted out of the house as her father passed away yesterday evening. She was also nominated for eviction this week.

“Bigg Boss Season 6 contestant Karishma Kotak left the Bigg Boss house after nearly four weeks due to a family emergency. The model had to leave the Bigg Boss house as her father, who was ailing from severe liver sclerosis, passed away last evening,” a statement issued by Colors said.

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  1. Bigboss please please do something urgently so that gulabi gang leader Sampat & Aseem trivedi both are evicted out of the show. We feel how a family show like bigboss allow particiapnts like Gulabi gang leader & Sapna?Bring in Chunky to add energy to the show.Compel Sidhu paaji to do some household works.He preaches a lot but does not do any work.His mouth is engaged all the time in preaching and eating which is disgusting.

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