Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddiqui re-enters in Bigg Boss 6

Iman Siddiqui, who was thrown out of ‘Bigg Boss’ following a fight with other contestants, is re-entering the show today after apologising for his erratic behaviour.

But if you think all this means he is going to be at his reformed best, you couldn’t be more wrong. “I will not change but yes the haivaan is out of my system. And I don’t do things to shock people. I am a modern dancer and leotard is part of the dance outfit,” defends the stylist who will be going back to the rural mud house.

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  1. It is very shameful that TV producers need to use mentally challenged people on the show to entertain the audience. As if it was not sufficient to have the world’s shortest person, the producers of Bigg Boss on Colors channel had to bring a mentally challenged person in the show. When the TV producers and the audience could not tolerate him, he was thrown out of the show. When the producers saw the popularity increasing, they paid him again to be on the show. It is shameful that people like Salman Khan need to endorse such shows. I dont pity Imam but his parents. Because he is insane and does not understand the difference. I blame his parents and family and friends who have not taken him to a mental asylum, maybe he can get treated and lead a normal life. God, please give your blessings to such parents, who live in denial of the fact that their kids are not normal and also to the producers who make money with such inhuman acts.

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