Bigg Boss 6 : Imam gets kidnapped and enter in secret room

Imam goes to the store room as the bell rings. While Imam complains about a particular juice to the camera, suddenly, two men dressed in black kidnap Imam and take him out of the store room. Sapna realizes that Imam had been in the store room for longer than usual and goes to check on him, only to realize that Imam was actually missing.

All the housemates assemble in the kitchen area and talk about the mysterious case of Imam’s disappearance! Niketan and a few others doubt that Imam has been evicted. The housemates make their own assumptions and start laughing at the situation.

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  2. Yeah, I thought Sapana or Rajeev the winner of Big Boss Season 6 they really the limelight of this seasons. they were also involved in all the activities and played in a positive way

  3. i m a little sad for spna but i think that urvashi nd delnaz both r strong compatitors nd imam is the entertainer of the house so according to me spna should leave the house

  4. i like delnaz a lot .she is so kind to everyone.according to me she should stay.i also like urvashi. I think niketan,urvashi,nd delnaz will be the finelist. They deserve to stat in the house. Sapna was also good but the winner will be one so her elimination is right. Imam is nice bt smtims he forget wht he is doing. His way of talking is very attractive.sna is the beauty of the house

  5. ghar main agar big boss ko log pasand kar rahe hai,to sirf imam ke karan,baki log jaise ki rajeev pul wo sirf dusaro ke kandhe par banduk rakh kar goli chalane ka kaam karta hai,jo darta hai ushe darata hai,jo nahi darata ushe khud dar jaata hai,aur bahut hi boor karata hai,aur delnaaz ko kisi satsang ya bajhan kirtan main jaana chahiye,samaz main nahi ata,wo yaha kar kya rahi hai,jab dekho kisi na kisi ko samjhati hi rahati hai,abay show main aayi hai,ya kisi class main lecture dene,sana to puri pagal hai,eak talksudha borining aadmi ki aage pichhe ghum rahi hai,par wo bhi kya kargi bechari rajeev ke alawa ushe koi bhav hi nahi deta,uarvashi jara apne gusshe ko control karo,niketan eakdum sahi person hai,i like u,he is real hero in the show,but soory yaar entertening nahi hai imam ki thrah,agar ye show koi jeetaga to wo hai,super entertening person imam,i like imam.

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