Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz is happy to be friends with Rajeev Paul

Film and television actress Delnaaz Irani, who was not on talking terms with her ex-husband Rajeev Paul before entering the “Bigg Boss 6” house, is happy to be friends with him and thanks the reality show for bridging the communication gap.

“Even though we are not leaving the show as a couple, I am glad we are friends,” she said in a press interaction held Thursday inside the “Bigg Boss” house.

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  1. Dear Delnez,Delnez that is what is expected from you.You may not live like a couple but you guys can be great friends.Yes,Rajeev has always been very very positive about your relationship.The whole country know that your brother Bakhtiyar is a bloody crook.Your liliputtian brother is surviving because of Tanaaz which everybody in this country know except himself.Your mother has no right at all to comment anything about Rajeev in national TV.My heart goes for Rajeev.The poor guy still loves you so much.He still looks young & he is handsome.He should marry another girl and forget about you.

    Rajeev should win the show.

  2. Friendship ka naatak kyon Dholnaaz…. shaadi to bacha nai pai to ye friendship ka dhol kyo baza rahi ho……sab big boss ka jhol-jhaal lag riya hai….

  3. i am sorry delnaaz but tum ye show jeetne ke layak nahi ho.

  4. salman khan apny ap ko shaed kuch ziada samghny lagy hny Housemates kay sath in ka rawaya nihayt gaar munasib ha pahly aapny ap ko dakho kay tum khud kiya ho adakar ho par adakari ki alif bay nahy aaty har fim aak jesi hoti hai lambi lambi phenktay hain tum say achay to saif ali khan aur fardeen khan hain aur aamir khan bhe behtren actor hai tum to kisi ginti mein he nahi ho bykar actor industry pay bojh hai salman khan.apne ghar ke films mein kam karo .pehle logon k sath tamez say bat karna sekho ABBAR ABBAY kr k to baat kartay ho

  5. salman khan jasay insan ko bigg boss say hataya jay aur agar Housemates kei bazti bigg boss ki polisey hay to is show ko band kar dana hi bahtar ho ga

  6. Rajiv is a sick person or maybe stupid – we do not know why he is there

  7. Asad Saab, Wo(Chusa Hua Aam) wahan apana kachara karwane ka world record banwane ke liye hai..aur kuchh nahi….aur agar wo vahan se chala jaega to SANA ka khayal kon rakhega… kal raat ko jab Bigg Boss ne kurbani dene ki baat Chuse Hue Aam aur Dholnaaz se puchha to wakai me Dhol ka zawaab thik tha sath-hi-sath Chuse Hue Aam ka zawaab bhi sahi tha kyonki Dholnaaz ke jitane ke baad usake paise to hathiya hi leta naa…

  8. except urvashi nobody is fit to win big boss 6 she is real and look at her real guts that comes from single parenting. i was her fan before after watching big boss 6 i am behaving like her she has influenced me so much

  9. If big boss is a game then imam is a real player.and he is enjoying it.

  10. BIG boss agar muze moka de to mere paas bahot hi mazedaar task ke ideas season me muze moka dijiyega coz I love big boss show and want to contribute in it.

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