Bigg Boss 6 : Take Rs20 lakhs and quit the Game

Bollywood actor and host Salman Khan entered the house of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss with a briefcase carrying Rs20 lakhs. The contestants were given the option to take the money and quit.

All the housemates discussed who will take the cash. Rajev Paul and Sana Khan believe that ether Urvashi Dholakia or Delnaz will win the game and confessed that they are tempted.
Niketan Madhok said he needs the money so he may take it but then said that he will stay back only for Urvashi.

As it is night and the lights go out Rajev was seen standing beside the bag and thinking out aloud about taking it or not.

Next morning before the lights came on Imam wished Sapna Bhavnani a Happy Birthday.

As the lights come on the bag remained untouched.

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