Bigg Boss 6 : Rajeev Paul is out from Bigg Boss-6

Bigg Boss season 6 Finale is just a day away and the show has witnessed yet another elimination.

After one of the most promising finalists Delnaaz Irani’s shocking eviction, the latest contestant to walk out of the house is Rajeev Paul.

Rajeev has been part of the show since it went on air in Oct last year. He had shared a cordial relationship with all the inmates of the house, except from celebrity image consultant Imam Siddique. The two of them were often seen getting involved in verbal spats.

Rajev’s elimination has given the viewers their top four finalists of this season in the form of Sana Khan, Niketan Madhok, Imam Siddiqui and Urvashi Dholakia.

15 Responses to “Bigg Boss 6 : Rajeev Paul is out from Bigg Boss-6”

  1. Iss Ko Tou Jana He Tha Bored Kar Raha Tha DailY Sana Ke Agey Peche Dum Hila Raha Tha… ThanKs Bigbos

  2. Sana is not even an actor, she really cant act her way through.
    HER LAUGHTER is so awful.

  3. I wish that Imam win the season 6 and thus Indian reality show’s record will break of not selecting Muslims as winner.

  4. Sorry Delnaaz’s eviction was not suprising at all!
    what kind of entertainment did she bring to big boss? JEERO as in “0”

  5. wow what win imam app na to sub ke pungi bajadi

  6. I wish youall the best IMMAM SIDDIQUI

  7. Imam jaisa koi bhi nahi banna chahega to usko jitana kaisa kya aap imam jaise se baat bhi karna chahenge wo gali hai is desh par
    he should be out of bigboss even from any industry even from India he is not human he is RAVAN type log

  8. IMAM is a true performer of the show, a real fighter who stands alone against all. others are scared when he is around. they should learn from Imam that not to take it personally. BIG BOSS SEASON 6 is rocking only because of host Salman and IMAM.

  9. Jab Aam chus liya jata hai to Chuse hue aam ko kachare me fenk diya jata hai….itane time tak (for Love triangle only) ek Chuse Hue Aam ko Bigg Boss ne sirf apne matlab ke liye hi rakha tha…matalab pura Chuse Hue Aam ka Kaam khallas…..

  10. We saw yet another heart winning performance by Imaam Saab in last show yesterday in Aakhiri Bhadas Task…..The Great Imaam, hats off to you…. others have no IQ at all…..

  11. Imam deserves to win Big Boss 6. Rest all were bad in entertaining people.

  12. Imam shul win n let the other house mates know that he is the most realistic person
    not like other contestants who r fake,n back stab each other.people should see his good side too.

  13. ye show agar koi jitne ke liye bana hai to wo hai imam,big boss meri aapse yahi parthana hai,ki imam ke sath insaaf kijiye aur ye show imam ko jitaye pls,because uske sath puri janta hai,pure log hai,agar aise nahi huwa to big boss sabko eak fake lagega,so pls win tha imam.

  14. immam ki kush adat buri b hai kush achi b hain jese neche beth k kahana khana sub ka khayal rakhna

  15. I’m from we ask hate imam.we don’t want our children to become even a little but like him..San’a its the best….imam must be send to mental hospital..why did people vote for him for what…..

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