BB6 : Who is the winner of Biggboss season 6?

Who is the biggboss season 6? Just few hours and winner’s name will be public. Is it Imaam, Urvashi, Sana or Niketan?

Whoever may win the show but real show stealer was Imaam due to his strange and funny behavior. He is a strong candidate for winning the show.

Once considered strong contestant Delnaaz Irani is out from the show and now many people are betting on Urvashi to win the show.

Sana also has been a favorite with audience specially her show called linkup with Rajeev Paul was a talking point in the house and outside.

Niketan at this stage seems to be a weak candidate but who knows what will happen in the end.

Let wait… unconfirmed reports in the media are saying that Niketan and Sana is already out from the house.

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  1. sana khan is winner because he is real home maker

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