Bigg Boss 7 update : Arman Kohli dishonor food, causes a fight

It has happened before many times in the previous seasons of the populer celebrity realty show and it was bound to happen again. On day 3 in the Bigg Boss house the inmates are fighting over food. The schism between Heaven and Hell residents has finally started, Food seems to be major cause of acrimony among the Heaven and Hell inmates. With limitations to the food budget set by none other than Bigg Boss, the housemates are trying to do their best with the limited resources.

But there is someone who wants to walk a different line and his demands, At lunch Arman asks for more dal and points a finger at Heaven-mates for not satisfying his ‘paapi pet’. To add insult to injury, Arman spills food offered to him and further antagonizes the other residents.

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