Bigg Boss Update : Elli questioned about to get marry by Gauahar

So there is lot’s of thing happening in the Bigg Boss house tasks, gossips, nominations, arguments and pretty Elli who is busy in her own world. and taking regulery Hindi tuition from Sangram, she has been talking about her marriage and the kind of guy she is looking for sattle.

Elli was questioned (casually) by Gauahar about the kind of guy Elli eventually wants to settle down with. Elli also revealed that right now she is single and she doesn’t want to get into any relationship. Gauahar asked her if she would fall in love with an Indian guy and the cute damsel replied ‘I don’t know’ (Aww). Elli told Gauahar that she was in a serious relationship back home but it didn’t work out for her and now she wants to focus on her career.

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