Bigg Boss Update : Sangram’s real life lover Payal trust him blindly

As per reports slowly grabbing eyeballs with his one-liners and simplicity is the Haryanvi wrestler Sangram Singh, playing it safe in the Bigg Boss House. But what has made him the talk of the town overnight is his hinglish connection with Elli.

Rumours are created a buzz that there can be something more than just friendship between them in the upcoming episodes,To know what might be cooking we caught up with Sangram’s real life love, Payal Rohatgi.

How do you feel,Sangram and Elli are bonding really well in the house.

Sangram is one person I can trust blindly. I’m not at all insecure. He is a kind of guy who bonds with everyone. Be it Elli or someone else, I know when you are around some pretty ladies, locked inside the house, the camera needs some masala. I just hope that Sangram in return can learn some English from Elli.

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