Bigg Boss Update : The balancing tast on scooter in Bigg Boss 7

In the evening Bigg Boss gives the inmates a task as he always do for entertain and give points to contestants, two scooters are kept in the garden areas of both side jannat and jahannum and all the housemates except Kamya from Jannat and Gauahar from jahannum side will have to balance themselves on the scooters.

Gauahar and Kamya will monitor the activity and make sure no one can touch their feet on the ground. The team which manages balance on for a longer time on the scooter will be the winner. When after a long time the teams did not touch the ground, Bigg Boss announced that Kamya and Gauahar will have to stand on the bike and whoever manages to climb on the bike fast will win. Gauahar managed to climb on the bike first and the jahannumwasis are declared as the winner.

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